PML-N Downfall Reasons and Solution

I remember the incident of February 2016

By: Haniya Iftkhar, Lahore

PMNL ruled Pakistan three times. Nawaz Sharif’s last government was from 2013 to 2017. Why did his government fall?

According to most Pakistanis, Imran Khan was the one who threw this government out of power, using allegations of the corruption of PML-N leaders.

I don’t think PML-N downfall was because of the corruption. When I see Mian Sahib’s condition, I remember the incident of February 2016.

See this corruption is done by all coming governments. But why only Mian Nawaz Sharif is suffering from such a misery ?

I had a view in my heart since 2016 and I am sure I want to openly say this today that God had shaken the chair of Mian Sahib on the same day when he ordered Mumtaz Qadri to hang up. Nawaz Sharif should have fully supported him on the step that Mumtaz Qadri had taken up but he was hanged.

We are nothing until we make decisions by adding our faith into our lives. If we ll not act upon, whether it is a king or a common person is destined to fall.

The simple solution is that Nawaz Sharif should repent to Allah, cry in front of Allah. He should compensate as much as possible for his sins. I’m sure not completely but maybe some respect will be restored for him.

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