What Are The Prediction About Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date and Trailer?

Sports anime provides a sense of realism compared to other top genres, such as Shonen and Sekai. Portrayals of players and teams to achieve a single goal while competing with adversaries bring out some amazing stories.

There are so many anime stories like Ao Ni Nare and Blue Lock, which are the gold standards of Football animes. In this line, Ao Ashi hits the screen and follows a third-year middle school student named Ashito Aoi.

He carries the hopes of his team because of his self-centered play style. He dreamt of becoming the world’s most excellent forward because of high aspirations, and Ashito became a very selfish player.

Ao Ashi season one was liked by everyone, and fans awaits the second season. Ao Ashi wins the hearts of anime lovers, so let’s check out all the details.


It is the story of a young boy, Ashito Aoi, who has dreamt of becoming a soccer champion. He is a talented player and possesses a small frame. Ashito has strong playing skills, adaptability, agility, and quick thinking. He has great command over the ball, and after an unfortunate incident, he is expelled from his team.

A new team coach named Tatsuya Fukuda senses his potential and asks Ashito to go for the tryouts in Tokyo. There are so many hurdles that he must overcome professionally and personally. The idea intertwined personal growth and soccer, making it a captivating watch for sports and anime enthusiasts.Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date and Trailer

How Many Episodes Will Be In Ao Ashi Season 2?

Fans want to know how many episodes will be in Ap Ashi Season 2. Everyone is excited, so brace yourself with excitement because the second season of this thrilling series is set to deliver 24 episodes. Fans can dive deeper with captivating storylines and be engrossed in the intense football matches that unfold the season.

Each episode promises to give the fans cherished moments while following the journey of Ashito Aoi and his team to drive for greatness on the football field.

Moreover, the extended episode allows the creators to explore more character development and twists in the story. However, we are sure that fans will experience thrilling and immersive views throughout the entire season.

Release Date

The previous season was completed on 24 September 2022, and the requirement increased the second season’s audience. The first season received much appreciation from the fans.

The release date is not confirmed yet because the creators did not declare it. However, according to some sources, Ao Ashi season 2 will air in 2024.

Spoilers of Ao Ashi Season 2

The new chapter started in the Tokyo Metropolitan League, where undefeated opponent Ashito doubted himself, and Tachibana lost confidence. Ashito overthrew the opponent who scored a goal, proved himself a playmaker, and was promoted to Esperion A!

Ootomo, Togashi, and Kuroda included Ashito in the team A. He may get a contract signed with a top team. Some spoilers say Ashito is warned that he must refine his expectations because he has big dreams. There is an Esperion team that known as the strongest for a reason and fights daily.

On the other side, Kuroda, OOtomo, and Tigashi are struggling and can do everything to keep up with the high level of the A team. He also gets a place on the bench in the Esperion A Premier League competition.Ao Ashi Season 2

What Are New Predictions for the Upcoming Ao Ashi Season 2?

Studio Production I.G, Shueisha, NHK, Bandai, and any other company did not confirm the official release date of the Ao Ashi Season 2. The official news is not confirmed yet; therefore, we are unsure when the new chapter will start.  However, reviews of the Ashito season are much higher than the average for a team sports anime.

In the soccer-themed anime Farewell, Futsal Boys, Shoot! Goal to the future and many more are included, which received good reviews. We are sure Ao Ashi will be the best because of the best-known production. Another interesting fact is that the anime broadcast increased sales because of the Ao Ashi series in Japan.

It reached among the top 10 of Oricon manga for the first time. In 2022, more than 15 million copies sold out. Therefore, it is just like the anime production committee will renew the second season of Ao Ashi.

Some predictions are that they have started the pre-production secretly. It could be delayed because the producers, Rui and Fumi, are also working on other anime series.

Cast of Ao Ashi Season

Fans are waiting to watch their favorite anime character. Here is a list of all the major characters of the series.

Ashito Aoi: Ashito Aoi is a school football player, and he is the central character of the show. He is also performing in the Tokyo City Esperian FC’s Youth Team. We want to fight Ashito Aoi to set off the popular player and his love for the game. Kouki Osuzu is providing voice-over for the role of Ashito Aoi.

Tatsuya Fukuda: He is a team coach who is passionate about football. He is the one who recruits Ao to the team and voice star to share the role of Tatsuya.

Hana Ichijo: Maki Kawase is the voice star as Hana Ichijo’s character. She is a high school candidate for the series and assists the Tokyo City Esperion Youth Team. Another star, Eisaku Otomo, plays a role in the team as a midfielder. His character is childish and irritating, and Tatsumaru shared his voice for Eisaku Otomo’s role.

Souichirou Tachibana is a Tokyo City Esperion team football player and plays Ashito Aoi. He is the voice performer for the role of Souichirou. There are also many other stars, such as Kanpei Kuroda, Keiji Togashi, Yuuma Motoki, Jun Asari, Haruhisa, Ryuichi Takeshima, and Nagisa Akutsu.Cast of Ao Ashi Season


There is no trailer released for the second season of Ao Ashi. However, you can watch the first season until the second hit the screen.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, anime lovers are waiting for the day when they will be able to watch the second season of Ao Ashi. Everyone wants to know about the character development of a sportsperson and how they think in real life. Well, let’s wait and watch what’s coming in the next season.

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