Re: Zero Season 3: Let’s Know Cast, Release Date, and Storyline

Re: Zero is a popular animated tv series and always received a great response from the audience. The two seasons have been completed, and now everyone is waiting for the third season. It is the story of Subaru Natsuki and his new female companion. They got killed when summoned to a new world.  After that, he woke up in the same alley, the same girl; the day started to repeat, and the same thugs. This anime series is full of adventure. In the series, Subaru is transferred to a different world. Let’s now all about Re Zero season 3 details. The series broadcasted on TV Osaka TV Aichi, AT-X, and TV Tokyo. It is also available on the OTT platform Netflix. So you can watch the previous season there.

No announcement has been made regarding the third season of the series. The third series will start where the second season ended—the second season left with a cliffhanger. The third season will reveal all the secrets. There were 25 episodes in the first and second seasons, but there is no news about the third season.

Many writers include Tappei Nagatsuki, Mike McFarland, Eiji Umehara, Yoshiko Nakamura, and Masahiro Yokotani. The series is produced by Crunchyroll, Funimation, Muse Communication, and White Fox studio.
Ken’ichiro Suehiro gave the music to the series. Kentaro Minegishi did the cinematography of the series. However, Hitomi and Yoshito gave direction to the anime series.


At the end of the previous season, we saw that the mansion was set ablaze due to the fight. Otto ad Petra go to escape the burning mansion. Subaru leaves there to search for Beatrice. Emilia tries to go through the third trial in the graveyard. She is subjected to a series of voices and visions from potential futures.

Echidna was upset to see Emilia. Moreover, she is alone in the headspace of Echidna and Minerva appears. Emilia talks with the witch and tells her the next time they see each other. They will have a tea party together and with Echidna.

She wakes up and then enters the open grave of Echidna. Later, she undoes the magic spell which powers the barrier.
Moreover, she left the graveyard again and discovered the sanctuary that was covered in a blizzard. Garfiel talked about the knowledge of Elsa becoming a vampire.

She also tells her story, and Elsa is distracted as Frederica escapes with Meili and goes to Garfiel. She wants to end up with all this and crushes her under the corpse of a rock pig. At the same time, Puck and ram kept their fight against Roswaal in a snowless sanctuary.

Conversely, Ram said she loves Roswaal and wishes to save him. She steals Tom and throws it into the fire. Roswaal shot and blasted at Ram then; therefore, snow started falling in the sanctuary. Puck also discovers that Roswaal activated the spell to change the weather before their battle.

Puck left to buy time to help the others; Roswaal stays behind. Emilia discovered a big ice sculpture that protected the villagers from the snow. She encountered the Ryuzu clones and tried to fuse herself with Ryuzu. Beatrice tried to reflect on her life at the burning mansion, and Echidna instructed her to watch over the library.

The library burnt, and she kicked him out because he said no to telling her the lie. He emerged last time because the last door opened in the mansion. He said he would never be alone and would stay with her always. At the same time, a blast happened there that was so loud.

Subaru and Beatrice were working together because for using combined power as they trapped the Great Rabbit.
There were many groups, and they started to punch Roswaal before trying to negotiate to know what to do next. Now let’s see what happens next in the upcoming series.

The series also received the award and was nominated many times. It received the Crunchyroll anime award and was nominated for the IGN summer Movie awards. Well, there is a greater chance for the third and fourth series. All the previous cast will appear in the upcoming seasons.

Release Date of Re: Zero Season 3

No official date has been revealed yet of this anime series. Maybe it will come in this year on the OTT platform Netflix. The first season premiered in April 2016, the second in July 2020, and the completed in March 2021. Hopefully, we will get another season very soon.

It will start where the second season ended. In the second season, we saw an oath curse on his chest because of Roswaal’s bet. It prevented him from betraying them without dying. He is also searching for a path to revive Echidna.


People are excited and want to watch the trailer for the next season. But the trailer of the Re: Zero season 3 is not revealed yet. However, it will reveal very soon after the announcement of the third season.

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