Real Housewives of New Jersey Margaret’s Marriage With Joe Benigno and Jan Joseph

Margaret Josephs brought two pigtails and a lot of sass into the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Joe Josephs is her husband. They eloped in 2013 in Las Vegas. Let’s talk about who Joe Benigno is and Jan Josephs

Who is Joe Benigno?

Joe was born on 12th November 1955 in Washington, Bergen County, New Jersey. He is a private person and does not share his family details. However, some family members’ names are mentioned by Joe, in which Joseph Benigno, Maryam, Pauline, Anita, and Gina are included.

Joe got an education at Westwood Regional High School in Washington Township, New Jersey. After his education, he worked as a contractor, which brought him close to his wife, Margaret. Joe worked on some renovations at Margaret’s house.

Margaret is still in marriage with Jan Joseph, but she did not stop them from having an affair. In 2013, they separated, and Margaret hitched with Joe in Las Vegas. Margaret said, “My husband tells on social media and follows female plumbers.

He is super Joe, and I see him following these hit girls; they are female plumbers. The couple does not have children, but Margaret also has a son from her former husband and three from her previous partner.

Joe Feeds Evan Goldschneider Infidelity Rumor

Joe has thrown some fuel on the fire. There is the rumor that Jackie Goldschneider’s husband Evan had been unfaithful during a poker night. Joe said that he heard that Evan got a girlfriend. Jacie denied all the allegations made against her husband and opened up that she was upset because Teresa was spreading the rumors about her husband.

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