Rose Namajunas Long Hair: Expect Zhang Weili To Shave OFF Her Long Hair

The UFC fighter Zhang Weili ended his duel with the villain Rose Namajunas. He attracted a lot of attention from the outside world. Netizens and Zhang Weiku choked each other.

She was in the agency, and a message circulated in the group, saying, if you lose, you will blame the referee for injustice. On this, Weili replied, get out; it is very unjust and concise and attracted netizens’ support.

Zhang is very concerned about winning or losing. He said he was looking forward to the coming of the second battle. He spoke to the outside world; her first move was to make up her mind and shave the will.

She posted three photos of cutting her hair, which was her original long braided hair, which turned into short hair. It is very refreshing for an athlete, and she also added that this way, you can better focus on training.

It looks like she wanted a revenge battle with Rosna Mayunas. It is worth mentioning that the two UFC featherweight champions, Rosna, had long hair a few days ago. But to focus more on competition and training, she shaved off her hair and turned it into her current appearance. Her performance has also improved by leaps and bounds after that. Weili also wanted to follow the same pattern and learn from it.

No one knows when the second due will be held, from Zhang’s calmness on the internet and yesterday’s move to cut the hair. She put the defeat behind her and adopted a more positive attitude.

She will face a more fighting career as a public figure because she has been burdened with the expectations of mainland Chinese people. Everyone may see her more mature side in her subsequent career development.

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