Seeking Sister Wife Season 4: Will The Series Renewed One More Time?

The entertainment industry is full of amazing television stories that cater to the tastes of everyone. If you are a fan of unconventional lifestyles and family series, Seeking Sister Wife is one of the best.

The story follows many couples seeking a new wife to join their marriages. It brings so many challenges and dramas. The first show aired in 2018 on TLC, which follows the lives of polygamous families.

They navigate the complexities of their relationship. The fourth season has been completed, and fans await the fifth season. So let’s know about all the details of Seeking Sister Wife Season 5.

What Happened With Couples In Season 4?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 was a roller coaster of emotions, surprises, and drama. It featured five couples searching for a new sister wife to try to make their relationship work.

Here is a brief story of season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife, so let’s see what happened with all five couples in the previous season.

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield

In the fourth season, the Merrifields decided to divorce after 13 years of marriage. It also happened because Merrifields wanted Gariick to marry Roberta legally. Roberta was a Brazilian woman who met him online.

Moreover, they also planned a baby but faced some complications. Dannielle struggled in this journey and felt insecurity as she watched Roberta and Garrick’s romance; meanwhile, Roberta doubted leaving her family and shifting to the United States.

Tosha Jones and Sidian

The second couple is Tosha and Sidian. Tosha Jones was a former polygamous couple who divorced their first wife and decided to have a better lifestyle.

They were looking for a new Sister Wife to join their family. At that time, they met two potential matches named Alexandra, a single mother from Pennsylvania, and Cate, a free-spirited woman from California.

But they did not work out as an Alexandra ghosted them after their first date, and Cate decided to continue a monogamous relationship with someone else.

Colton and TamiWinder

The third couple was Colton and Tami Winder. The WInders were a fundamentalist Mormon family living in a remote area of Utah.

They already had one Sister’s Wife named Sophie, and she was pregnant with Colton’s second child. They were looking for another sister wife to expand their family; therefore, they met Kimberley. She was a Christian woman from North Carolina.

They invited her to visit them at their home, but things became awkward when Colton kissed Kimberly in front of Tami and Sophie, and they felt very uncomfortable.

Dimitri and Asely Snowden

A polygamous couple married for a decade. They also had three children and tried adding two sister wives, but both failed. They met two new potential sisters in the fourth season, Christine and Tayler.

Christine was a single mother from South Africa, and Tayler was a henna artist from Atlanta. After a few weeks of dating, they decided to continue being women and then propose to Christine.

Well, things turned dark when Christine accused Dimitri of domestic issues and filed for divorce. Conversely, Snowden denied all the allegations and said she was lying.

Jarod and Vanessa Clark

The fifth and last couple of this series were Jarod and Vanessa. They were a successful couple who lived in North Carolina.

They have been married for the last ten years and have four children. The couple explored polygamy to enhance their relationship and fulfill their spiritual goals.

On that journey, they met Kaleh, a young woman who worked as a waitress. They invited her to move in with the potential sister’s wife.

But they soon realized that they had different expectations and lifestyles, so they faced many clashes like chores, intimacy, and money. Therefore, Kaleh decided to leave Clarks and continue her journey and life.Cast of Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Will There Be Seeking Sister Wife Season 5?

The producers or TLC did not officially announce the cancellation and renewal of season five. However, everyone expects the next one; there are good chances of renewing the series. The production could be delayed, so hold your seats; it will return soon.

Cast of Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

There is no official news about season 5, but the previous one left many cliffhangers; therefore, there is a great chance of a fifth season. People want to know who will come back in it, so there is a possible scenario.

The Merrifields will return for the next one as they have unfinished business with Roberta. They can face some backlash from their families and friends.

Jones’ return is difficult because they did not find any suitable match and just wanted to focus on their relationship and children instead of looking at potential sister wives.

Winder’s return has a great chance as they have a positive experience with Kimberly. It is also possible the couple will introduce their new baby if she joins their family.

Snowden would not return as they faced severe legal troubles like domestic abuse allegations. He denied all these allegations, but we have a low profile.

The Clarks will return for the fifth time to find a sister’s wife. The couple may learn from their mistakes and improve their communication and compatibility with potential matches.

When Will Be Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Released

The season always showed a yearly pattern, such as the first season aired in 2018, the second in 219, the third in 2022, and the fourth in 2021, but the fifth was not released in 2022.

Therefore, it seems that the production has been delayed because of COVID-19 and some legal issues of Snowden.   But we expect Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 to air in early 2024.Seeking Sister Wife Season 5


No trailer is available yet, but it will be released when the confirmation news is renewed or released. But it is a great series, so you can enjoy the previous seasons if you have missed them.

Fans can catch the season on TLC and Discovery Plus. The season has a great story of polygamous families.

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