Sports World Reacts To Rex Chapman Tweet on Twitter

Recently, the NBA player Rex Chapman became popular on social media in early February 2023. It happened because of his tweet, which many deemed ‘thirsty.’  The tweet was, “is it just me, or does the Australian Open have the hottest women’s tennis player of the tournament? With the hashtag #AustralianOpen #Tennis # Hotness.

After that, he got significant attention on Twitter, and people reacted to Chapman’s comments. Here are some reactions from the sports world; let’s see the red Chapman tweet and their reactions.

Serena Williams, a tennis superstar and 23 times Grand Slam Champion, asked about his tweet in a press conference at the Australian Open. William responded, “in my view, we should focus on the tennis and not worry about what people are saying about our looks.”

Another response was by Martina Navratilova, the former world no-one tennis player. She wrote, ‘if you cannot appreciate women’s tennis for the incredible athleticism, mental toughness, and skills.  She said, ‘No need to be objected to or sexualized to be valued.’

Billie Jean, who is the tennis legend and feminist icon, shared her thoughts and said, ‘it is a disappointment to see comments like this from someone who has been part of the tennis community. Let’s focus on the game and the incredible talent of the athletes.

Moreover, Sloane Stephen, the American tennis player,r said, ‘it is very disrespectful to reduce women to their looks. The work is incredibly hard to compete at the highest level and deserve to be recognized for that.’

Another tweet was by the former tennis player and current commentator John McEnroe. She asked about Red Chapman’s tweet during a broadcast. The former player said, ‘I think we should focus on tennis and appreciate the amazing talent o the Australian Open.’

In a nutshell, in the sports world, many were not happy with Chapman’s comments. There is nothing wrong with finding someone attractive, and Red Chapman’s tweet was appropriate.

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