Steve Tyler Shares a Kiss With Aimee Preston in Los Angeles

There is an age difference of almost 40 years, but it is just a number for Steve and his girlfriend Aimee Preston. They arrived for Lie Nation’s Annual Gala to benefit Janie’s fund at Red studios in Los Angeles. Steve shared a kiss with his girlfriend named Aimee Preston. The Aerosmith founded the children’s charity almost three years ago and dressed as Steve Tyler outfits go.

He appeared in a dark gray patterned suit with a silky black shirt with a combination of necklaces, beads, and chains.
He has 11 years old daughter and looked fab in a glistening silver gown with pink pumps.
Moreover, Steve kissed on the cheek on his daughter Chelsea Anna Tallarico and arrived in a gorgeous leopard print gown.

Other attendees included Olivia Wilde put on a sexy display in a cami-strap jumpsuit and arrived with her husband Jason Sudeikis and looked sharp in a navy suit. Ashlee looked fab in a black and white jumpsuit while hubby Evan dressed entirely in white.
The 59 years old Sharon appeared in black jumpsuit. Moreover, David arrived with his girlfriend Katharine McPhee but they did not pose together on the red carpet.

Olivia put on a sexy display in a cami-strap jumpsuit and arrived with her husband named Jason who looked sharp in a navy suit. Suzanne Somers is 71 years old and looks smashing in a short black dress accompanied by her husband named Alan Hamel.

Grammy switched back to New York for the first time in 2003 and Steve serves as a viewing party from the opposite coast. In others, Ashley and Bo Derek stuck with the black theme. Tyler said at the launch,’ as a father and grandfather, I want to focus my energy on things that really matter and leave behind something else along with my music.’ After three years, every attendee to the 60th annual Grammy Awards wearing a white rose in solidarity in New York.

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