The Dreamcatcher Will Be Released Soon, in October

Dreamcatcher’s new music will be released soon. According to the company, “Dreamcatcher is preparing and intending to make a reappearance in October. It will be their first in about six months since their second full-length album, “Apocalypse2: Save us,” and lead single MAISON, released in April. The second installment of Dreamcatcher’s three-part series related to MAISON will be released soon.

Dreamcatcher’s Not-So-Hidden Meaning of MAISON

The sixteenth piece in our “K-Pop words explained” series. It examined the lyrics to some of your favorite songs. We have covered when it comes to current releases, foreign songs, and classics.

We are delving deeply into Dreamcatcher’s most recent title track ‘Maison’ from their second album Apocalyse: save. It should go without saying that Maison is French for home.

Gaia assumes the shape of the Grim Reaper as a symbol of the wasteland of the earth. It is up to the Dreamcatcher super-girls to bring paradise back.


“ I can’t breathe/tomorrow’s disappearing far away/ make the ground shake/ in this crumbling place/with a clear dead sign? And someone who is used to it.”

The first line shows a sense of gloom and helplessness. The world’s future becomes darker and darker. It serves as a metaphor for Mother Earth’s inability to support herself. It makes an effort to jolt indifferent bystanders out of their complacency.

“Save My home in the jungle/save my home in the polar, protect my Maison, please someone fight for us. Save my home in the ocean and home in the desert. Please, someone fight for us.”

Dreamcatcher advocates life in all forms that need protection, turning the spotlight away from human egocentrism. They suffer in silence from the harm caused by human indifference. 

There is very less hope to cling to because humanity as a whole prefers ignorance over consciousness. Global warming is like the tip of the iceberg. But dreamcatcher keeps showing the earth in its previous splendor in an effort to inspire change.

We are responsible for defending the world. Maison is a masterpiece because of the song’s profound social significance and exceptional composition, rap, and vocals.

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