The Importance of Speed and Precision in Packaging Processes

Why are speed and precision important to package fulfillment?

While the answer may seem obvious, there are actually a wide range of factors to consider, as well as advantages to properly packaging orders and sending them out on time. Some of the top ones are:

Productivity and efficiency

It’s no secret that a business that runs efficiently will be more productive. Increased productivity leads to a higher volume of package fulfillment, allowing businesses to sell more.

Minimised costs

All businesses will want to prioritise keeping overheads low in order to maximise profit margins, but the advantages of speed and precision can be impacted by budget. The good news is that industry innovation and automation via are combining both. Using automated packaging systems, online retail businesses will be able to minimise staff, reduce packing stations and more effectively package products.

With the ability to custom-fit boxes to order parameters despite size, shape, or weight (and soft or hard materials), less corrugate, filler and tape will be used, more orders will fit into transportation for delivery and less storage will be necessary as inventory can be turned over faster.

Building a strong brand

If a consumer can trust that they will place an order and have it sent to them securely and within a short time frame, they will be more likely to buy again. CVP Impack can package up to 500 boxes per hour, whereas CVP Everest caters to 1,100. Either solution has the ability to significantly increase output while minimising the risk of human mistakes with a focus on secure options, which will increase consumer sentiment, promote businesses and reach wider audiences while boosting client retention.

Additional benefits of speed and precision when selecting automated packaging solutions

As you can see, streamlining packaging processes will make things faster and provide many benefits, but automating packaging with Sparck Technologies adds many more attractive qualities, such as:

  • Lower shipping costs with smaller package options
  • The ability to properly scale production to meet demand regardless of your business needs
  • A more eco friendly approach to the entire packaging process, with less material usage, less need for multiple deliveries or expansive shipping logistics and an overall lower carbon footprint

With all of the above in mind, it’s easy to see why boosting speed and precision can be so important for modern retail businesses that operate online.

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