The Kind Older Sister is No More Spoiler, Release Date and Platform

This manga series is the story of two sisters who care about each other. Irene always remains in the shadow of her ill and frail sister Riel. She thought she could have and do everything for her family, but Riel stole everything from her.

But after some time, she realized there was no more place for her in her home, and her family never loved her. So, Irene decides to become independent, and in this way, she crosses paths with Noel Kristen, who has a similar fate. Let’s explore the kind older sister is no more spoiled and storyline.


The kind older sister is a fantasy romance Manhwa series, and fans are waiting for chapter 51. In the story, Irene is forced to live like a shadow for her sister’s prominence. Irene thought she would take over all, and one day she realized she had no place in this house.

After that, she decided to change everything and try to become independent. Noel Christian also had a similar situation on the other side of her. So she asked him.

If you want to marry me, we can save each other. Noel asked her to paint the portrait as he was jealous of her fangirling over the painter.

She also thanked him for finding her favorite painter, and later Noel admitted that he regrets his decision. At that time, she was shocked to see the dark expression on his face.

But she calmed him, and then Noel was proud and happy. The portrait reflects that Noel and Irene were full of love, and Noel’s expression was warm.

The Painter, Carr

Carr found them very beautiful because they were in love. Once he drew the sketch, he saw Irene and thought she was the same as a rookie. That couple had died, and his blonde hair and eyes reminded him of that deceased couple.

Carr nearly wept when she found that the couple was similar to the previous one. He was also surprised and thought there was a connection.The Kind Older Sister is No More Spoiler

Irene’s Aunt

Noel gave Irene her aunt’s letter, in which she told about her clenched fist when she felt stressed or angry. She thinks that she will find comfort in Noel’s company.

Irene got a letter from her aunt, Friedan, who cared for her until she turned three. Irene was not well, and her aunt wanted her to visit for more time, but she was unsure about the request, and Noel asked her what she wanted to do.

Irene went to see her aunt, and when she arrived, she discovered that she had been sending letters for years that she never received.

Noel started to think about all the facts about Irene and the Chase family. Everything was contradictory about the Chase Family. Irene asked why she did not travel to the capital because she was sick. The Chase family had cut Teh support because of limited resources.

Recap of Chapter 50

As fans read in Chapter 50, how much Irene has reverted to her old ways and started to trust people around her. But that thing made her worried about Noel, not because he was open to everyone but relaxed around him.

Irene has put faith in him, and she fully grasps the mature matters of the relationship. Now Chapter 51 brings much more where we will see how much Noel has changed his character, and he bids farewell to his grandfather. His grandfather is at the loss of words for his change and realizes that the person behind his change is Irene.

We will see in the kind older sister chapter 51 that Irene prepares herself for a hot bath and comes to the place with Noel in the event of the two getting closer. But she is still inexperienced with love and misreads when he asks her to stay relaxed.

She never thought about how harsh life is, and she is so kind by temperament. This type of person does not need to love kindness because it is in their psychological makeup.

Irene cared for a  young and frail sister, but when she got healthier, she took everything from her. Therefore, she decided to quit her old ways and find freedom.

The Kind Older Sister is No More Spoiler

In the upcoming chapter 51, Noel will plan for Irene to take somewhere at a special place. It will also be a surprise for Irene as she never come across an experience she never faced before.

She had heard about hot springs, and those words would create some misunderstanding. She still is thinking about going through the union.

However, Noel has something in mind, such as a tree he saw when he was young. He remembers the first time he put the glaze upon it and realized what a great thing it was. All the experience was so special for Noel; he shows his dearest memory to her, which means he wants to close her.The Kind Older Sister is No More Spoiler

Platform to Read the Chapter 51

The KInd Older Sister Is No More upcoming chapter will be available to read on Kakao, and other best manga series are also available this year.

Release Date of The Upcoming Chapter

The upcoming chapter will be released on 3rd August 2023, and we mention different regions’ timing here.

  • Pacific Time: 3rd August 2023: 8 am
  • Central Time: 3rd August 2023: 9 am
  • Eastern Time: 3rd August 2023: 10 am
  • Green Mediterranean Time: 3rd August 2023: 5 pm
  • Indian Time: 3rd August 2023: 8:30 pm
  • Singapore Time: 3rd August 2023: 11 pm
  • Philippines Time: 3rd August 2023: 11 pm
  • Pacific Time: 3rd August 2023: 8 am
  • Korean Time: 4th August 2023: 12 am
  • Japanese Time: 4th August 2023: 12 am
  • Australia Time: 4th August: 2:00 am
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