The Mother of Brittany Dejesus, “ Roxanne Dejsus Faces Long Battle With Lupus

Roxanne Dejesus found fame as the mother of MTV’s Teen mother star Brittan Dejesus and Briana Dejesus. She dropped a new titled Teem Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret on 19th January 2021. Let’s talk about all the details of her battle with lupus and other family secrets.

Roxanne Dejesus Battle With Lupus

Roxanne tweeted that she was battling lupus, which is an autoimmune disease and causes fatigue and joint pain. She said it takes a series of tests to be diagnosed with lupus. Thankful I am feeling better now.

However, there is no cure, and he must have had a hard time living with the condition. She posted the picture with her granddaughter, where her abdomen looked bloated. Viewers took it to the next level and questioned if he was pregnant. Her appearance changes because of build-up fluids. She is already in her 50s and has less chance of getting pregnant.

Controversies and Family Truth

Teen mother knew Roxanne had two daughters named Brittany and Briana. There comes a new face named Kevin, who is a half-brother. Roxanne was unable to keep the secrets from her daughters and confessed that she hid her face to protect them.

In the recent episode, Roxanne was accused of using a racial slur. Briana and Roxanne talked about the leaked phone number, which had been done by Devoin Austin, Briana’s ex. Roxanne Dejesus said, “ they will be knocking on our f—-ing door that have out your information.”

Roxanne said that she had been really sad and emotional because of talking about Devoin. Briana said it was so frustrating for people to think that my mother would say that word and would be that type of person when she has been Devoin’s Biggest supporter.

Roxanne Dejesus said, “ we are together on this journey. Some way, somewhere, we have to make it work for Nova. It does not affect Briana or me, as it will affect Nova. I need him to relax and calm down, and it will work out in the end. I always work on relationships. No matter how disappointed or hurt I am, I always prioritize them.

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