The Upshaws Season 2: Here Is Everything That You Want To Know

The Upshaws is a popular American comedy sitcom and received massive popularity from the audience.
After the first season, everyone wants the second season and wants to know all the details, like the release date, cast, and storyline.

Will the Upshaws Season 2 be Released?

Yes! The series renewed for the second season in June 2021. It is a series about working-class African American families in Indiana struggling to make it work without blueprints. It will air on Netflix.

Wanda Skyes and Regina are the creators of the series. Mike Epps, Kim Fields, and Diamond Lyons are included in the popular starring. The series is made under the production Savannah Sweet, Push It, and Naptown productions. Meanwhile, Netflix distributed the series.

There were ten episodes in the first season, so we expect that in the next season, we will see the same number of episodes. Netflix distributed the series in August 2019. There are chances that Upshaws season 2 will split into two parts, and there will be eight episodes in each part. Let’s see what happens next.

Cast of The Upshaws Season 2

In the expected cast of season 2, Kim Fields, Mike Epps, Wanda, Diamond Lyons, Khali Spraggins, Page Kennedy, Jermelle Simon, Gabrielle Dennis, Journey Christine, Michel Estime, Dayna Dooley, Daria Johns, Jessica Morris, Dewayne Perkins, and Leonard Earl Howze are included.

Review of The Uupshaws Season 1

The first season received a massive response. Regina juggles family duties with work and studying for the GMAT in the first season. At that time, when Bennie does not help lighten the load and reaches the boiling point.

After that, Tasha gets into an accident. Meanwhile, Bernie devised a solution without telling Regina, and conflicts erupted between other family members. After that, Regina threw out Bennie and began to clean the house. Bennie tried his old tricks to get back her good graces.

Moreover, Regina goes to a party, and Bennie has fun with other guys. Bernard revealed many truths when they were drunk. Bennie tries to maintain the healthier lifestyle and winds up in a boxing ring with Bernard. Maya struggled with a school bully.

Now let’s see what happens in the second season. It will start where the first ended. In the end, we see that Regina also tries to take the GMAT, and the family arrives together. 

Release Date of The Upshaws Season 2

The release date is not declared yet. It will reveal very soon. It can arrive anytime in 2023 on Netflix. The series is under production. We will share the news regarding it. No trailer is available yet for the second season. However, you can enjoy this series on Netflix.


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