Them Season 2: Here Is Everything That You Want To Know

Them is a famous American horror drama, and the first season has already aired. The audience really appreciated the series and now waiting for the second season. Here we will talk about all the details of Them Season 2.


Little Marin created this series. It is a story of a black family in a white LA neighborhood, and their evil forces next door threaten to taunt and ravage them. Popular stars Deborah Ayorinde, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Ashley Thomas are included.

There were a total of ten episodes in the first season, so we can expect that there will be the same number of episodes in the second season. Dominic Orlando and Michael Nelson produced the series. The duration of each episode range is 33 to 35 minutes.

Has the Series Been Announced?

The series has yet to be announced. However, it will be confirmed very soon because there are massive chances of the renewal of the series. It will arrive on Amazon Prime Video; now let’s see what happens next.

Cast of Them Season 2

In the expected cast of the second season, Deborah Ayorinde, Alison Pill, Melody Hurd, Ashley Thomas, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Ryan Kwanten, Dale Dickey, Liam McIntyre, Lindsey Kraft, Pat Healy, Brooke Smith, Malcolm Mays, John Patrick Jordan, Dirk Rogers, Abbie Cobb, Max Barsness, Kim Shaw, Bailey Noble as Marlene and many others are included.

Review of Them Season 1

In the previous season, we saw that Henry goes to work, and on the other side, Ruby goes to school. Lucky and Gracie go to the hardware store. Later, Lucky takes the bus and goes to visit Helen. Later Ruby and Doris share a secret; meanwhile, he meets Ella.

After that, Helen has some work, and Emory leaves North Carolina. Lucky does hair of Gracie, and Henry has a beer with a new friend. Betty called a friend then and visited George. Earl and Marty have a conversation, and George makes Chicken dinner. Henry and the girls come home. Now Let’s see what happens next.

Release Date of Them Season 2

There is no release date declared for the second season. However, it is confirmed that the series will release very soon. The first series premiered in April 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. We will share the updates regarding the release date.


There is no trailer released for the second season. Hopefully, it will release soon. However, the official trailer of the first season is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Platform to Watch the Them Season 2

The series has arrived on Amazon Prime Video. So the second season will also release on Amazon Prime Video, so get ready for this.

Is Them Season Base on Us?

It is not a true story, but there are many real things that many people have in their past and still experience to this day. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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