Thing To Know About Deborah Falconer and Robert Downey JR

Robert Downey Jr came back with the leading role of Iron man in the Marvel universe franchise. Her character will die in the final battle between Thanos and Avengers, but again Downey might desire this. Here let’s know about Deborah Falconer and Robert Downey.

The talented actor has been married for fifteen years, and his wife’s name is Susan. They have two children, and Downey also has a son with his ex-wife, Deborah Falconer. There are just a few people who know Downey was married before.

Let’s talk about his ex-wife Deborah Falconer who met him in 1992. She used to be an elite model with a record label titled Ravish Records. However, she made appearances at some places and in short movies; after six weeks of dating, they got married and had a son Indio in 1993.
Due to the actor’s drug abuse issue, the couple divorced.

The sad fact is that Indio inherited his father’s drug abuse behavior and got arrested for cocaine possession in 2014. he stated that ‘unfortunately, There is a genetic component to addiction, and Indio has inherited it; there are family support and understanding that are determined him and help him become the man he is capable of being. Here is a look of Deborah.


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