Tiffany Moon Entry Into Real Housewives of Dallas and All Other Details!

Dr.Tiffany Moon is the new character on the Real Housewives of Dallas. She came into the show after when she made her impressive resume. She is a full-time anesthesiologist. Let’s explore her entry into the show and her personal life with her husband Danie Moon net worth and all other details.

Therefore, some rumors also made the news that Tiffany might not return to the Real Housewives of Dallas for a sophomore season. She talked about her struggle and tried to balance the job and motherhood duties.

Tiffany in The Real Housewives of Dallas

Tiffany Moon is the first Asian American who joined the newest season of the Real Housewives of Dallas. She left a positive impression on the fans and thinks she is smart and funny. Tiffany said she always missed her family during production and spent more time with her daughter.

Her twins are younger, so she never wants to be away from her family. She is a newbie but aware of a new culture. The show showed the feud between Kameron and Tiffany. Kamerin, the queen of Dallas society, comes to her place for lunch. During lunch, she found Tiffany upset when mini Barbie made some offensive remarks about her culture.

Early life of Dr. Tiffany Moon

Dr. Tiffany was born on 13th August 1984. She was living in a small town outside of Beijing, China. She was only six when the family shifted to the United States. There is not much detail regarding her parents, but she gave them the title “Tiger Parents.”

Moreover, Tiffany went to college at the age of 19 and then completed her graduation at the age of 23. Tiffany’s height is five feet and three inches, and she weighs 51 kg.

Relationship and Net Worth

According to sources, Tiffany’s total net worth is almost $2.5 million. She married Daniel Moon, a Sam Moon Group vice president. He always supported Tiffany in joining the real housewives of Dallas. Her husband, Daniel Moon’s Net Worth is $10 million. They have two daughters named Madison and Chloe. He is also a father of twins Nathan And Nicole from a previous marriage.

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