Tom Hardy Net Worth, Bio, Career, and Other Details

The 42-year-old Tom Hardy is a popular actor who pursued his dreams. He became an idol for young people with a passion for acting. Here we will discuss Tom Hardy’s net worth, personal and professional life, and all other details.

Tom hardy’s full name is Edward Thomas Hardy. He was born on 15th September 1977. His birthplace is Hammersmith, London, UK.  He was just twenty years old and battled drug abuse, alcoholism, and delinquency. He was addicted and admitted that his marriage with Sarah Ward had ended. Tom went to Richmond Drama School, where he studied art, and then to the Drama Centre London.

Tom married Charlotte Riley, an English actress who shared the screen with Tom in Wuthering Heights. They have two children. Besides, Tom Hardy also has a child with Rachael Forest’s character, Louis Thomas Hardy.

Professional Life

Tom Hardy has a breakthrough role in the HBO series Band of Brothers. He had a minor role in Black Hawk Dawn and the recognized for his role in Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002. However, he played a role in a BBC program named A for Andromeda or Stuart: A Life Backwards, a science fiction movie.

Tom produced, wrote, and acted in Taboo, which is a BBC mini-series. Fans watched him in Dark Knight Rises in 2012, which was his strongest role> other major roles of Tom Hardy are noted in Lawless, Legend, The Revenant, Dunkirk, and many more. He also agreed to play the anti-hero role for the sequel, Venom 2. He also appeared in commercials with brands such as Sky Mobile, Kleenex, Hyundai, and Nike.

Tom Hardy Net Worth

Tom has become the most loved actor. He made the sexiest man in 2013 and earned so much money. Tom Hardy net worth is almost $30 million now. This is all about Tom Hardy and his life.

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