Traci Lords Bio, Net Worth, Career, and Other Details

Traci Lords has become today’s icon and began her career in the adult movie industry at the age of 15. She has a successful career and also got amazing money. Therefore, people want to know Traci Lords’ net worth and all other details. Let’s talk about it.

Early Life

Traci was born on 7th May 1968 as Nora Louise Kuzma. Her birthplace is Steubenville, located in Ohio, USA. There is no other detail regarding the family; we just know her parents’ names. Her mother’s name is Patricia, and her father is Louis Kuzma.

Traci took the start her career at the age of 15 when she entered the entertainment business. Her scandal became very big when the world found that she was filming the adult movie industry. At the age of 18, she gained more fame day by day. She became notorious in the industry and suffered a lot.

Well, that was a difficult time being a minor without your parents’ consent filming adult scenes. Well, Traci Lords movies went viral, and she always wanted to become a professional actress. In her school, she appeared in Cry Baby, a 1990 John Waters movie, and showed her talent and soon after landed another role in Serial Mon in 1994.

Moreover, Traci Lords movies are Frostbite, Blade, and princes of Mars. Besides, one of her most major roles was in Melrose Place, a top-rated American tv show. Now, she has become a notable actress and icon of today. Not only an actress but she is also a producer and director. She worked hard and got money according to it.

Personal Life

Traci’s parents divorced, and her mother found a boyfriend when she was a teenager. The other’s boyfriend’s name is Roger Hayes, a drug addict. Her mother broke up with her when she was released; he harassed her while sleeping.
Lords preferred to live with her sister. Lords had an abortion in high school and realized she would need money to survive.

Then she started working as a babysitter. She obtained a fake identity card when she was posing as a 22-year-old, and her actual age was 15 at this time. Traci Lords entered the adult movie industry and then started investigating the call they got about minor things that she should not have done.

Now the adult movie star has a singing d acting career. She married Jeffery Lee in 2002 and also has a romantic link with some other partners like Riki Rachtman, Brook Yeaton, Ginger Lynn, and Ryan Granger.

Traci Lords Net Worth

Traci Lords earned so much being a producer, singer, and actress. She has a long professional career. According to sources, the net worth of Traci Lords is $7 million.

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