Everything You Need to Know About Tulip Victoria Khaury 

Tulip Victoria Khaury is a 51-year-old American media personality. Because her father was a notable figure in the music industry, Tulip also became a public figure. She has also garnered a huge fanbase who’s curious to know all about her life.

This article aims to share details about Tulip’s life, covering information about her parents, her early life, where she currently lives, her job, and other aspects of her life. To avoid missing any details about her, read this article completely.

Who is Tulip Victoria Khaury?

Tulip Victoria Khaury was born on May 10, 1971, so now she’s 51. Tulip is basically from America so her background is Caucasian, which is a way of saying she’s white. Her family roots trace back to Lebanon and Jewish Belarus, so in terms of ethnicity, she is more white.

She’s famous for being the only child of Tiny Tim, who was a well-known singer, ukulele player, and music archivist. She’s the only child of Tiny Tim, who was a famous singer and actor in the 1960s. Tiny Tim was known for his unique high-pitched singing voice and his kind of pale look.

He could also play the ukulele and made some really famous records, like the hit “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” in 1968.

Tulip Victoria Khaury Parents: Love, Marriage & Divorce

Tulip Khaury is the daughter of Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki. They first met in New Jersey in the middle of the 1960s. At that time, Tiny Tim was in his 30s and working in the entertainment business, while Miss Vicki was still in high school. Even though there was a significant age difference, they fell in love and decided to get engaged.

Their wedding was quite the event—it happened on an episode of the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on December 17, 1969. Tiny Tim was 37 years old when they tied the knot, and Miss Vicki was 17.

This wedding was a huge deal, like a big show to get attention, and it actually worked. It boosted Tiny Tim’s fame and career for a while.

After getting married, they made their home in New Jersey and were really happy to welcome their daughter in 1971. They named her after one of Tiny Tim’s most famous songs, “Tiptoe through the Tulips.”

Everything seemed great for a little while, but then serious problems came up in their marriage. They separated, and in January 1974, they officially got divorced. The divorce was completed in 1977.Tulip Victoria Khaury 

Mother of Tulip Victoria Khaury, Miss Vicki

Victoria Mae Budinger, also known as “Miss Vicki,” was Tiny Tim’s first wife and also the mother of Tulip Khoury. She became a bit famous because she married the singer when she was only seventeen.

After they got divorced, not much is known about what she did next. But we do know that she decided to focus on dancing and later got married again.

Miss Vicki chose to keep her life more private, away from the public eye. So, she kind of stepped back from the spotlight after her time with Tiny Tim.

Tulip Khaury’s Personal Life and Family

Tulip Victoria likes to keep her personal life away from the public eye. Whether she’s married or not has been a bit of a mystery, but it seems like she’s been married for a while.

In a 1995 interview, her mom, Victoria Lombardi, mentioned that Tulip, who was 23 at the time, was already married.

She shared that Tulip had two kids, a girl named Cherise and a boy named Jade. Some online sources think her husband is William Ervin Stewart.

After getting married to William, Tiny Tim’s daughter started going by the name Tulip Khaury Stewart. It was also heard she might have a third kid.

Even though she’s 50 years old, Tulip hasn’t spilled much about her personal life. She doesn’t seem to use social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Just like Falon Brown, the WBRZ TV traffic reporter and digital producer, Tulip prefers to keep her personal stuff low-key.

Where is Tulip Victoria Khaury Now in 2023?

Tulip Khaury now lives in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She took some time off from work to focus on taking care of her home, but she’s back in action now. She has a job as a member services associate at Avalon Holding Corporation.

Avalon does things like managing waste for big clients like the government, cities, industries, and businesses. They also have a golf and country club. In her job, Khaury helps out the members, talking with them and solving any issues they might have.

Little-Known Facts About Tulip Victoria Khaury

  • Tulip Victoria Khaury got her name from a character in a Charles Dickens book called “A Christmas Carol.” 
  • When she was young, she was in the public eye a lot because her dad, Tiny Tim, was really famous. 
  • Something very sad happened on November 30, 1996 – her dad had a heart attack and passed away while performing at a charity event in Minneapolis.
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury Stewart has three daughters: Jade, Trey, and Zarya. These girls are all grown up now. They live with their dad, William Ervin Stewart, in Newcastle, Pennsylvania. 
  • His father Tiny Tim got married two more times, first to Jan Alweiss and then to Susan Marie Gardner.

Tulip Victoria Khaury Networth

Tulip Victoria is a celebrity daughter who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. We don’t know much about her past work, but as of 2023, she has a job that has helped her accumulate a net worth of $100,000. Her father, Tiny Tim, is said to be worth $250,000.

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