Twilight in Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz

PMLN party members are too weak to be called a team

By: Hira Akhlaq, Lahore

PMLN is a political party (previous government). There are many reasons behind its ruination but i am sharing with you a bit.

In my view, first of all PMLN hanged the respected Mumtaz Qadri while being Muslim. ALLAH PAK can never like those who kill his lovers. So, HE (ALLAH PAK) ruined them. I advise to government, never fight against Deen. It will be the first and major reason of your ruination.

Secondly, unity is very necessary for a team. If you don’t know ‘team work’ you can’t be succeeded. PMLN party’s members are so weak from this side. The solution is clear now. If you want to succeed, you should unite your team. A good leader always motivates his team members.

Another reason of its downfall is that its members are not loyal, they always take care of just their own comfort. Yes they do very good things too. But besides these good deeds there was selfishness. And we all know very well that deeds are always with their intentions. If our intention is not good then our good work becomes bad.

First of all, All the political parties should stop telling lies. Stop promising for those things you can’t do. Be a good Muslim to be a good Leader.

Don’t do corruption. Don’t waste your good deeds because of your bad intentions. Islam covers all the aspects of our life. So, political parties should follow the principles that are given to us by Islam. Government should follow the point of view of IQBAL. He gave us very good way of success. A simple, easy, truthful and honest way. ALLAH bless us all.

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