Twitter Reacts to Donald Trump’s Embarrassing NFT launch, Let’s Talk About It

The tease was revealed in the morning when the former president announced that his NFT collection Donald Trump Trading Cards “ very much like a baseball card.” He explained very well, and fans who grew up collecting baseball cards would not be able to stick his NFTs between the spokes of their bicycle.

 The former president said, ‘ major announcement ! my official Trump Digital Trading Card collection is available now. The limited edition cards feature amazing Art of my life & career! Grab your favorite, very much like a baseball card. Just o to collect, Trump, where you can collect for only $99 each. Don’t wait; they will be gone, I believe, very quickly.’

After unveiling the new venture, Trump accompanied the announcement with a viral video that scrolls through some hilarious images.

Ron Filipkowski shared a picture where he gave the caption, ‘ All I can say is that those who have lost friends fought with relatives and resigned positions called a traitor. We saw clearly what a con man, huckster, and fraud is; this man has never felt more.

Donald started the video and said, ‘Here is Donald Trump, your favorite president of all time. Better than Lincoln, better than Washington.’ Moreover, these cards featured some incredible artwork about my life and career. It is very exciting. 

The shared images reflected his life and career, such as Trump with superman’s physique, Trump as an astronaut, Trump riding a horse or an elephant, and carved into Mount Rushmore. NFTs are everything Trump sees when he looks in the mirror in the morning. 

Here you can see some tweets regarding this news.×900


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