What Happened To the AHS Actress’ Frances Conroy Eye’

Frances Conroy is an actress and has played many significant roles in her career. Her most recent role was noted in American Horror Story, due to which she gained more success. She also faced some difficult times in her life and experienced something horrendous. Let’s talk about Frances Conroy eye tragedy and other details.

Early Life

Frances Hardman Conroy was born on 13th November 1953. Her birthplace is Monroe, Georgia, United States. Her parents’ names are Vincent Paul Conroy and Ossie Hardman; her father has Irish ancestors.

She went to Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and, after that, shifted to New York, where she went to Neighbors Playhouse in drama. Moreover, she attended Julliard School and became part of Julliard’s Drama Division Group for six years. She was there along with Kelsey Grammer, Harriet Sansom Harris, and Kevin Conroy.

Professional Life

In the 1970s, Frances Conroy became part of an American company. She got famous when she portrayed Desdemona in Othello at Delacorte Theatre. After that, she decided to move to the big screen and appeared in stage roles.

Her most significant roles are from the Lady From Dubuque, A Bright Room Called, The Little Foxes, Our Town, and the Ride Down Mt. Morgan. The first major role was observed in the tv series Six Feet Under. In 2011, She became a popular part of the industry.

Frances Conroy Eye

Frances Conroy made an appearance in the American Horror Story named Murder House. Her character had a discolored eye. She portrayed Moira O’Hara, who appeared old to the women, as sensual, seductive, and hard to resist.

Frances had a distinctive eye that she lost when Jessica Langes shot her in the eye and killed her on the spot. Frances caught Moira O’Hara in the arms of her husband at that time. People were surprised when they came to know that was her real eye.

Her eye was injured in a terrible car accident, and she had surgery, but the damage it left on her cornea left her eye discolored. She uses lenses sometimes, but the show’s first season wanted her to leave, and that is also the reason people fell in love with the actress.

Personal Life

Frances Conroy is a married woman. Her husband’s name is Jan Munroe, and they married in 1992. The actress does not want to share further details of her life. However, she does not like social media life. They don’t have children.

Net Worth

Frances Conroy is earning a handsome amount of money. According to sources, the estimated net worth is $ 4 million.

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