What Is Curse Eduardo Palomo? The Tragedy That Haunts His Other Companions

Do you know What is Curse Edward Palomo? The actor was passed two decades ago, and still, people called his case Edward Palomo. Three actresses lost their lives after his death. Eduardo Palomo died in 2003 unexpectedly. The reason for his death is a heart attack after a loud laugh during dinner.

He went on a dinner on 6th November with his wife, Carina Rich. There were also his friends like film director Sergio Arau in a well-known restaurant in Los Angeles. The heart stopped while eating, and he was taken to the hospital.
This unexpected news shocked the entertainment world, and the fan started to notice tragic coincidences after his death and this phenomenon called “the Eduardo Palomo cure.”

He participated in memorable television dramas like Corazon Salvaje, La Picara Toradora, and Hiracan. Moreover, the actor worked with Edith Gonzalez, Mariana Levy, and Lorena Rojas. These three died after his partner’s death.

Death of Eduardo Palomo Partners

Mariana Levy was born on 22nd April 1966 and participated in the soap opera The Last Hope and Blessed Lie. She shared the spotlight with Eduardo. Also, the singer earned affection through a tragic death. After a few days after his birthday in April 2005, Mariana lost his life due to a heart attack. The actress lost her life at 39 due to a terrible scare that caused her a cardiac arrest in front of her daughters.

Talina Fernandez is her daughter, and he went to an amusement park in Mexico City where he celebrated Children’s day. After losing her family, Mariana Levy, could not stand it and passed away. The singer and actress played Isabel Arroyo in “ the body of desire and lost his life at 44. Lorraine Rojas shared the screen with Eduardo Palomo in Reaching for a star II in 1991.

It happened after twelve years of his soap opera partner Lorena Rojas losing her life due to cancer. The Mexican was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 and struggled to recover.
Marina lost her life on 16th February 2015 in Miami, Florida. After their death, rumors started of a curse related to Eduardo Palomo.

The favorite actress in the soap opera is Edith Gonzalez. The actress participated in 40 soap operas from her childhood. Her dramas like Salome and I will never forget you got the audience’s attention.

Edith shared with the audience that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The actress had a good attitude and was proud of her fight against cancer. The actress shared the leading role in Wild Heart with Eduardo and lost the battle in 2019. She has a 14-year-old daughter and does not remember her every day.

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