When Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch Season 3 Is Coming On Screen 

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch is a popular reality series that follows a father-son duo, Chad Ollinger and Duane. It is also about the 160-acre ranch near Skinwalker Rancher, known for paranormal activity and UFO sightings. Ollingers think there is a hidden treasure of gold somewhere on their property and are determined to find it.

Already, two seasons have aired, and now everyone is waiting for mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3. It must come because the second season left many cliffhangers as the Ollinges entered an underwater cavern to discover the mysterious metal box filled with gallium, a rare and valuable element such as Aztec symbols. Fans are waiting for the next season and about its details. So let’s know everything about it.

Has Mystery at Bling Frog Ranch Season 2 Renewed?

Discovery Channel did not make any official announcement regarding the renewal of the third season, but there is a high chance of the show. The stars also have hinted at a possible return for the third season.

On the social platforms, Duane posted a picture of himself with his son Chad and head of security, Charlie Snider, with the caption ‘ Season 3 coming soon.’ Moreover, Charlie posted the video on Instagram and said they are waiting for the weather to start filming again.

What Happened in Season 2?

The end of the mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 2 was shocking. Ollingers pulled out the metal box and discovered an underwater cavern. The heavy box had Aztec symbols that indicated that it was related to treasure. They opened the box and were surprised to find the many metal cylinders filled with gallium.

The silvery metal melts at low temperatures and has multiple solar panels and electronic applications. The box is filled with gallium, a valuable element, and Hollinger’s is expected to find it.

This discovery raised many questions, as they were surprised how gallium ended up in an Aztec boz underwater in Utah. However, they are also surprised to see more boxes than meets the eye if gold is hidden on their ranch.

What’s Next In Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch Season 3?

The third season will start exactly where the second ended. The series is about Duane Ollinger and their son Chad, who own a 160-acre ranch in Utah with a vast fortune of Aztec gold. In the first two seasons, they explored the ranch and its surroundings to find clues and evidence of the hidden treasure.Mystery At Blind Frog

Both father and son will encounter many mysteries and challenges like radioactive rocks, strange lights, ancient artifacts, and, most importantly, a box submerged underwater. In the third season, we will see The Ollingers continue their search to uncover the secrets of Bling Frog Ranch and find the Aztec gold.

There could be many challenges and dangers, but they will go deeper and find the way to Skinwalker Ranch and the American tribes that inhabited it. Let’s see if they will finally solve this mystery and claim their reward.

Cast In The Third Season

In the upcoming season, the owner of the Ranch, Duane Ollinger, will be part of it. He is determined to find gold and prove his theory.

The second most important cast is his son Chal Ollinger, the partner in the treasure hunting. By profession, he is an engineer and a pilot and helps his father with the ranch’s drilling operations and aerial surveys.

Besides this father and son, the other cast is Eric Drummond, who is the friend of Duane and provides his expertise in rock formations and mineral deposits because he is a geologist.

Charlie Sinder is also head of security and a former military contractor who protects from intruders and potential threats. Lastly, an investigator, police Officer Jamie Dube, assists the father and son with their research and analysis to find the ranch.

Release Date of Mystery At Bling Season 3

The first season aired on 1 January 2021 on Discovery channel, and the second premiered on 7 January to 11 February, exactly after one year in 2022. However, the third season’s production has been delayed, and we are expecting it in January 2024. But the media made no official announcement the media, so let’s see when it arrives.


No official trailer for the third season is available because it is in production phase. However, you can enjoy the previous seasons on multiple platforms till the next one.Mystery At Blind Frog

Platform to Watch Mustery at Blind Frog Ranch

If you are in love with this series, then you can know some options. It is available on Discovery Plus, which is a subscription-based service.

It provides access to multiple discovery channels and original content. If the trial is available, then you must pay $4.99 monthly or $6.99 for the ad-free plan.

Another option is Fubo TV, a live-streaming platform that includes Discovery Channel. The seven-day free trial is available, starting at $64.99 per month. Besides, individuals can watch the season on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, or Vudu with the best quality video.

Is the series worth watching?

If you are a fan of some mysterious series, this Mystery at Bling Frog Ranch is the best reality TV series. As we already told, a duo of son and father is searching the treasure box in eastern Utah.

It is cursed by the locals who hold a hidden treasure of jewels and gold. The Hollinger’s and their team use their expertise to explore and discover treasure.

It is an interesting series that premiered on Disney Channel for the first time in January 2021 and then the second in January 2022. The series got mixed reviews regarding its adventurous spirit and scenic locations.

It is the best series for those who are fans of treasure-hunting shows such as The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch and The Curse of Oak Island.

Bottom Line

The reality TV series Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is arriving for the third time. Fans love the series because of the captivating mix of treasure hunting, family drama, and paranormal occurrences with the dedicated cast.

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