Who Is Joey Edgar Along With The Star Of Swamp People

Joey Edgar is an American personality and appears in the tv series Swamp People. It follows the daily activities of alligator hunters who live in the swamp of the Atchafalaya River Basin. They hunt American alligators for a living.

Early Life Of Joey Edgar

Joey Edgar was born on 9th august in Louisiana. His parents’ names are Juanita Broussard and Daniel Edgar. Daniel is a third-generation fisherman who established the company St. Mary Seafood & marina in 1986. Moreover, Daniel was the founder of Louisiana Bait products which is an agriculture products wholesaler, in 2011.

His parents separated because Daniel did not give time to the family. According to Daniel Edgar, “I worked seven graveyards and shrimped during the day. I  just took a little cat nap at work.”

Well, they parted their ways and married again to Russel Broussard. Juanita died at the age of 68.

Joey’s father married Mandy but separated for some reason. He has two siblings named Dwaine and half-sister Danielle. His son also appeared in Swamp People with Joey and Daniel.

Joey Edgar In Swamp People

Joey has been hunting alligators at a very young age. He operated 500 acres of crawfish with his father. Swap People started airing in 2010 through the history channel. They were not ready to join but then changed their minds and started appearing in it. Both father-son showed their skills in the show and got people’s attention. Joey’s brother Dwanie joined the show after some time.

Joey’s Wife

Joey Edgar married Jennifer Brooks on 8th June 2002. Jennifer said they met while hanging out with mutual friends, and she had a crush on him since she was 13, and joey showed his interest.

They shared their first kiss at Friend’s place and date at Crawfish at Mrs. Debra’s house. They get married after two years of dating. Jennifer is from Chicago and got an education at New Iberia Senior High school.

Jennifer and Joey’s Kids

Joey and Jennifer have three kids named Karlie, Kallie, and Cole. Moreover, Joey is also the stepfather of Jennifer’s kids from the previous relationship with Caylin Moneaux and Kaurie Raphael.

They always shared love messages on social media about their children. Once Jennifer wrote a Cole as “ Their only son’s birthday and wrote a heartwarming message for him.”

Moreover, she wrote, “ Today we are wishing our only son Cole on his 14th birthday. Wow! Time flies so soon; we are so blessed to have you as our son.” Moreover, she wrote, Today’s your day, son! Daddy and I Love You!!!”

Social Media Presence

Joey is active on internet platforms such as Instagram under the account @joeyedger and on Twitter @swamperjoe, which has linked to his Facebook page.


Is Zak related to the Edgars?

Zak Catchem has worked with Joey Edgar for multiple seasons and has become a surrogate member of the Edgar family. Zak's a sharp shooter with an impressive fishing resume, particularly when it comes to deep sea fish.

Are Joey and Daniel from Swamp People related?

As the son of Daniel, Joey has big shoes to fill. But a lifetime working with his dad has given him with an encyclopedia of swamp knowledge. He's confident he can keep up the Edgar legacy.

How many children does Daniel Edgar have?

He shares two sons, Joey and Dwaine, with his first wife, Juanita Thomas Broussard, and a daughter, Danielle, with his second wife, Mandy.

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