Why Gen Z and Millennials Are Worried About the Ban of TikTok

Did you know that 80% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 to 34? Individuals within these generations, Gen Z and Millennials make up most of TikTok’s users. Of course, many of us first learned about this popular social media app in 2020, throughout the COVID-19 era lockdowns. 

TikTok’s unique “For you” page features precise videos selected for each user’s preferences, based on a hidden algorithm. Each short clip is designed to provide exceptional entertainment, featuring everything from funny dances to informational content. Seems like a great idea, right? Think again. This popular social media app poses serious privacy concerns, leaving Gen Z and Millennials worried about a U.S. ban on their favorite app.

Why People Love TikTok

  • Entertainment

It’s no secret that TikTok provides exceptional entertainment and is a great way to pass the time in dozens of situations. Short videos are certainly entertaining, whether you’re watching TikTok videos in between playing Ignition live casino or simply needing an escape from reality. While the most obvious reason people love TikTok is entertainment, several other reasons draw Gen Z and Millennials to this popular social media app.

The interesting fact is that TikTok has become a competitor not only for other social media platforms but also for streaming services, such as Netflix.

  • Personalized Content

TikTok takes entertainment one step further than other forms of video viewership, such as watching TV. The concept of having a customized feed that is specific to your interests is even more appealing. On TikTok, you won’t need to waste time watching videos on a specific niche or topic that isn’t of interest. Based on your viewership, likes, shares, and other factors, TikTok suggests content that each viewer is interested in watching. 

While personal content may sound attractive, it also poses concerns for some viewers. Many viewers have noted that the algorithm seems almost too precise, making them wonder how much information the application is collecting.

  • Short Attention Spans

Recent economic events and changes have left these generations feeling “lost”. After the COVID-19 pandemic, a time filled with lots of confusion, individuals in this generation have a shorter attention span than ever before. TikTok’s are short videos that get to their core purpose within just a few minutes. Compared to longer-form videos such as YouTube videos, TikTok can be an appealing option for viewers with short attention spans.

  • Video Creation and Expression

From another perspective, Gen Z and Millennials who enjoy making TikTok content use the platform as a means of expression. From creating humorous content to sharing real-life tips and tricks, the platform can be utilized to create content on nearly anything. If there’s one thing these generations are passionate about, it’s self-expression. Creating TikTok videos gives young people a way to “make their voice heard” and express themselves through creativity.

Furthermore, creating TikTok is easy. You don’t need to be an advanced video editor to create content that’s of interest. Many TikTok videos are nothing more than a person speaking in front of a camera. Because of this versatility, individuals from all walks of life can connect on this app. From the viewership angle, this provides unique entertainment that may be more personal than traditional TV viewership.

  • Connection

Have you ever checked out the comments section on a TikTok video? If so, you’ll see that the comments section is a place for people to connect. Hearing feedback from viewers can help video makers feel validated. The comments section can also be used to ask questions, helping to learn more information. Using the share button, viewers can also send their favorite videos to friends and family and create “saved” pages for the information they want to return to.

Why TikTok May Be Banned

Despite the popularity of this social media app, many U.S. government officials have warned about the serious risks of Americans using this app. The United States government has recently decided TikTok will be banned unless the Chinese owners sell their stake in the company to the U.S. Many officials believe that TikTok poses a national security risk with concerns about the Chinese gathering intel through this social media app. Individual states and regions, as well as other countries, have also posed concerns about this app.

With all these concerns in mind, it’s no wonder TikTok-obsessed Gen Z-ers and Millennials are worried about this app being banned. Ultimately, only time will tell where the future of this app will go. Should TikTok be banned on a widespread level, video lovers will need to find a new outlet to get their entertainment fixed. Luckily, many other similar apps exist such as YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels.

The Future of TikTok

From entertainment to creativity, it’s easy to see why TikTok has risen in popularity.

What do you think the future of TikTok holds? Are Gen Z-ers and Millennials right to be concerned about the end of their favorite social media app?

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