Woman’s grief on meaningless relationships

Is my body just a means of satisfying his hunger

By: Syed Adeel Hashmi

He is mine but not mine. Is my body just a means of satisfying his hunger? When will he finally feel my feelings? Will my soul be able to reach her heart? Is it my destiny to be open and live such slave life? If he is the winner, then he has all the options, from my body to my thinking, he has conquered. Why am I not allowed to think and speak?

He shakes my body whenever he wants and I can’t shake his soul even if I want to because I am a woman and my job is just to satisfy the desires of my man.

I want my husband but he is oblivious to me. My desire is not fulfilled but it is irritating me along with the emotional excitement inside me but instead of understanding this problem of mine I am being given the title of rude and vulgar woman. Why my husband does not understand my heart?

People are usually reluctant to talk about the topic we are trying to discuss today. The relationship between men and women is the foundation of this society and if we do not talk about strengthening the foundation, if we do not think about it, then that foundation becomes weak and causes the building to collapse.

The greatest desire in a woman’s life is to be with a man who can fully understand her feelings and respect her desires and demands and not just worry about her own desires. Which is usually confined to a woman’s body.

A man needs a woman but the man has never understood that a woman also has a need which must be fulfilled in time otherwise the marital relationship becomes one sided and meaningless.

A woman usually desires two kinds of pleasures from her husband. First of all, she wants peace of mind from her husband in her marriage. Thirst becomes a poisonous killer. She wants her husband to know when and what is going on in her mind. She wants her husband to be able to reach her, respect her thinking and free her from the sting of a stupid woman’s label.

The second pleasure that a woman seeks is physical or sexual pleasure. Physical pleasure is the name of an innate appetite and it awakens intensely when she has peace of mind. A woman wants her husband to understand her desire and become her supply when she needs it. Like a man, this demand is also a Shariah and legal right of the woman, but men who have grown up under the influence of socialism can never reach this sensitivity of a woman in the name of selfishness and masculinity.

These are the sensitive moments in the life of any woman that even the slightest ignorance and indifference of a man can make a woman’s heart stone. Woman is a beautiful source of feelings and emotions. The secret of happy life is hidden in her passionate nature. But when the same woman does not get the reaction she is expecting, she puts her passionate nature aside and cools her emotions, and once the woman’s heart rejects emotions, it becomes like frozen snow, which even the sunlight has not been able to melt for many centuries.

The greatest tragedy of a marital relationship is that when a man wants to fulfil his desire, he never takes permission from his wife and rapes here, and considers the woman as his right, his estate and receives everything that a woman may never want to give by force. Yes, but the woman is compelled in this matter. The man receives his legal and sharia right by hook or by crook.

But alas, when a woman expresses her desire to a man, the man looks at her as if she were not his wife, but a prostitute. Women are not given the right to demand. How can she become a ruler, how can she receive her physical desire of her own free will if it is not the will of the man. On the other hand the man does not bother the consent and will of the woman and turns away as soon as his demand is fulfilled and falls asleep throwing the woman and her demand aside.

Do you know the pain of a woman? Do you know the pain of leaving a woman in agony in the middle of nowhere? But how do you know if you are comfortable snoring and how you can feel a woman’s discomfort. The biggest grief of a woman is her man.

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