Yadhira Carrillo’s Response to Leticia Calderon: What She Says In Press

Recently, Yadhira Carrillo was bothered because of the statement of Leticia Calderon. Recently, we found that Leticia Calderon and Yadhira Carrillo came. The mother of the children of the lawyer Juan Collado is under criminal proceedings in the North prison. It was in Mexico City and declared a few days ago that Collado had made payments to the press so reporters would speak well in their stories with whom she started a relationship after separation from Calderon.

Leticia Calderon told the media that her husband started to court and dated the model. However, he was married to soap operas like Maximiliano and Esmeralda. The controversy was raised at the beginning of their relationship. The courtship caused a stir among the public because Juan would be unfaithful to his wife. They had two children.

In the recent accusations of Leticia and the press on the alleged bribes, Yadhira described all ridiculous statements and expressed that he was never involved in the bickering. She said, I do not watch television, so I don’t know what he said. Yadhira declared she fell in love with a separated man and defended herself from the accusations.

Carrillo pointed out that she will not respond to situations related to her ex-husband. On this occasion, Carrillo revealed that she brought her husband Spanish fabada. A comment caused suspicion:’ he is known as the lawyer of the power mafia. Carrillo said, I have no comments on these types of statements, which makes me absurd.

Yadhira explained that it was a special menu prepared for a specific date that she was ready to surprise her husband in prison. The model said, remember that it was February 14, a particular day, and eats like that. He is straightforward to eat but likes his chicken broth.

At the same point, Yadhira Carrillo said they would prohibit him from visiting Juan Collado because of the health contingency. It was the first time Yadhira made a controversial statement about her husband. She said, Juan and I firmly ask that you allow the children to see because Juan has seen them all his life. That touches his heart and allows the little ones too.

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