Zatima Season 3: What’s Coming New in Zac and Fatima’s Life

Zatima is a popular American comedy TV series by Tyler Perry, also known for his work on Sistas. The first time it debuted was on 22 September 2022 on BET+, and fans liked it. After completing the second season on 13 April 2023, fans eagerly await the third season.

Like Sistas, Zatima focuses on the ups and downs of Zac and Fatima’s relationship, and everyone wants to know if the power couple will return for another season. Let’s discuss the Zatima season 3 release date, storyline, and all other details.

Zatima Overview

Zatima is a 10-part series and follows the story of Sistas Zac and Fatima as they face many challenges. The friend of Zac and basketball teammate is married to Lori, who watches him closely.

Bryce, another friend of Zac, tried to get a grant and dated Fatima. The character of Bryce is played by Remington Hoffman, and Nzinga Imani as Angela. She is a perfect friend of Fatima and is featured in ‘All Queen’s Men.’

Despite the significant focus, Zatima is part of the original series, and the show is titled ‘Fatima and Zac’ because the story is all about their romance.

BET+ acquired this TV series in March 2022 for the first time, and then the show was set for 2929 September 202. Later on, the second premiered in March 2023 and finished in April. But their love story continues, so let’s see what’s coming in the third season.

Review of Previous Season

In the previous season 2, we saw the couple embark on a new chapter of their life where they face many challenges. These hurdles are all about secrets, infidelity, and past relationships.

Oem sources claim that Zac is grappling with internal conflicts that intensify upon reuniting with a long-lost mother named Gladys.

The cheating allegation arises between them, and Nathan encounters a familiar face on a dating app. On the other side, Bryce confronts Angela about her disappearance from his life.

Zatima Season 3 Release Date

As we already know, this love story has completed its two seasons and is now on the way to its third season. The season is a little bit delayed because of Tyler Perry’s busy schedule as he is working on a three-part mini-series named The Family Business that is scheduled for 2023. However, very soon, we will get the good news and the season will air in late 2024.Zatima Season 3 Release Date

What is coming in Zatima Season 3?

The story will continue where season 2 ended, and that was the fascinating love story between Fatima and Zac. The relationship is balanced as they face many challenges that put their bond to the ultimate test.

They will confront these obstacles to determine whether they can salvage their love or separate their ways. Also, Bryce, a friend of Zac, finds himself working towards securing a grant.

His aspirations intertwined with the romantic adventure of Zac and Fatima. When the couple navigates their relationship, they encounter many hurdles and conflicts to develop their bond.

The next season promises to deliver an enthralling and dramatic adventure. So hold your seatbelts and see how the story unfolds in Zatima season 3.

Who Will Be in The Upcoming Season?

The popular role of Zac will be played by Devale Ellis, who makes the pair with Fatima. This couple is the primary focus of the storyline.

No doubt Ellis performed incredibly throughout two seasons and left many cliffhangers for the upcoming episodes. Moreover, Renee Hayslett plays the main character of Crystal Fatima, who is well known for her talent and versatility.

She has amazing chemistry with Zac, and everyone loves their romantic relationship. In addition, another cast member is Zinda Imani as Angela, who is Fatima’s close friend. All well-crafted characters have fostered a strong connection among fans. Viewers want to see all these characters in the series.

Platform to watch the season

The season is available on BET+, which is Amaizn Channel. Besides, you can watch on YouTube TV with free trial offers.


The official news regarding the third season of the trailer has yet to be released. Everyone is waiting for the intense situation between Fatima and Zac. Just wait and watch the previous season till the next came on screen.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, everyone expects the third season to bring immense excitement to Zatima’s fans. They always cherish the audience with their dynamic performances. The couple also faced many hurdles that would be resolved in the coming season.

This season reminds us of the love of a journey filled with joy and challenges, where true success lies in confronting personal baggage and nurturing the relationship. Let’s keep our fingers crossed with brand new season three.

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