7 Essentials for Large Parties

Hosting a large party requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that it is a success. Everyone wants to host and attend an enjoyable party, but if you plan on hosting a large number of guests, you should plan carefully and consider things like food, entertainment, lighting, etc. With the right essentials in place, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests. Here are seven essential elements to consider when planning a large party:

Games and Activities

Keeping guests entertained is crucial to the success of a large party, and games and activities play a significant role. Consider your guests’ age range and interests when choosing games and activities, such as lawn games, board games, trivia, and karaoke. Having a designated area for these activities and someone in charge of managing them can ensure guests have something to do throughout the party. If many people don’t know each other, consider simple games that everyone can participate in together to break the ice of the party and get everyone involved. 


Food and drinks are a crucial part of any large party, and it is essential to have enough to feed your guests. Consider the number of guests and the type of refreshments you would like to serve, whether a full-fledged meal or light snacks. Ensure refreshments are regularly replenished throughout the party, and consider having various non-alcoholic options for those who do not drink or are designated drivers. Depending on the theme of your party, you can make up fun themed cocktails for the evening. Be sure you have plenty of food and drink for your guests, and if you are not serving a meal, make sure your guests understand this beforehand. 

Disposable Tableware and Cups

Disposable tableware is a must-have for large parties, as it eliminates the hassle of washing and storing dirty dishes. This not only saves time and energy, but it is also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. At Smarty Had a Party, a wide range of disposable tableware options are available, including plates, cups, napkins, and utensils in various colors and designs that match any party theme. Smarty Had a Party also carries biodegradable tableware in multiple themes, so you don’t have to worry about plastic waste. When selecting disposable tableware, consider the number of guests and the type of refreshments you will be serving to ensure that you have enough supplies.


Large parties often require adequate seating arrangements, both inside and outside. Consider the number of guests and the available space when choosing seating options, such as chairs, benches, stools, and bean bag chairs. Ensure that seating arrangements are near the refreshment and activity areas so guests can enjoy the party comfortably. Adequate space and seating are essential for everyone to have a comfortable experience.


Decorations play a significant role in setting the mood and theme of a party and can add a special touch to the event. Choose decorations that match the party theme, such as balloons, streamers, and banners in coordinating colors, or opt for a more minimalistic approach with candles, fairy lights, and flowers. Decorations can help to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.


Music sets the tone for any party and helps create a lively atmosphere. Choose a music playlist that caters to your guests’ tastes and fits the party’s theme. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, consider investing in a portable speaker or sound system to ensure everyone can hear the music and enjoy the party atmosphere.


Adequate lighting is essential for large parties, both inside and outside. Ensure enough lighting for guests to navigate the party area safely and that the lighting enhances the mood and atmosphere. A combination of overhead lights, lanterns, and fairy lights can achieve the desired effect, and you can adjust the lighting to suit the party’s mood as it progresses.

Hosting a large party requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that it is a success. Considering the seven essential elements outlined above, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests. With a little effort and attention to detail, you can create an unforgettable party that everyone will enjoy.

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