Has TLC Series 7 Little Johnstons Alex Died? Is It True?

Everyone is concerned about the emerging rumors of 7 little Johnstons Alex’s death. Fans are worrying about Alex’s death rumors and want to know the truth, as Emma did not respond on Instagram in comments.

Has 7 little Johnstons Alex died or not? Let’s know all about all the details. First, everyone should know where he belongs and what kind of series this is. TLC reality series 7 Little Johnson is among the most interesting families in the United States.

Amber and Trent Johnston’s Family

Fans are in love with Amber and Trent Johnston, along with their five kids. The show aired in 2015, and the series has now completed 11 series.

Fans were witnessing when Jonagm Anna, Emma, Elizabeth, and Alex Johnston grew up. Both parents have Achondroplasia dwarfism. They met during a convention that was held for little people.

After three and half years, they tied the knot and now have two biological children, Elizabeth and Jonah, who also have the same condition.

The couple is brave and understands the challenges associated with dwarfism; therefore, they decided to adopt three more dwarfism kids. The adopted children’s names are Alex from South Korea, Emma from China, and Anna from Russia.

TLC Series 7 Little Johnston7 little johnstons alex

The TLC series follows the theory of daily activities and gives a positive glimpse of life to people who suffer from dwarfism. 7 little Johnson always feels bold to show the world the challenges they face in a world designed for people of average size.

There are some interesting facts and even shocking ones that we see in this TV show. The rumor spread that 7 little Johnston Alex died, but no one knows the true news.

This rumor spread when Emma was teasing the series’ upcoming season, and a fan asked about the reports of Alex’s death. The fans wrote, ‘American Saying Alex is dead, tell us.’ Emma did not reply to these queries.

Alex Johnston Faced Some Health Issues

Alex had some adenoids and tonsils issues from the last several years, so he removed these, which helped him to breathe better while sleeping. Amber said in a clip during the show we noticed some physical changes in the body, like the numbness in his feet and hands.

Therefore, we had some serious concerns about what was going on with Alex’s health.Alex had a sleep study in which it was revealed that almost 56 times he stopped breathing in the middle of the night, which was a very significant number according to his doctors.

So, they told them that he was suffering from central apnea along with obstructive apnea. Furthermore, doctors say that a person faces this condition when he stops breathing because of a problem within the brain or spinal cord.

In Alex’s case, it is because of spinal cord compression. By removing tonsils and adenoids, he dealt with obstructive apnea, but the central apnea is a real concern.

No doubt, the anatomy of dwarf people is different compared to average-sized people because the base of the skull, where the brain stem meets the spinal cord, and the bone surrounding that area is always tight.

In addition, the doctor said that when this happens to a person, the bottom of the skull puts pressure on the brain stem, these cells tell us to take a breath.

When the pressure builds up, the area causes malfunctioning, and the person feels difficulty breathing. The ultimate solution is that Alex needed an MRI of the brain that can indicate the spinal decompression surgery that was much needed.

Where is Alex Now?

Based on the latest reports, and Instagram activity, Alex seems busy with his Etsy shop, AlexPaperCo. Emma and Alex have licensed and are ready to drive, as per their recent photo, showing off their new set of wheels. So all the rumors about Alex’s death are fake, and he is alive and living his teenage life now.johnstons alex

Why Did Amber and Trent Adopt More Kids?

Alex’s parents said that the process to adopting the same condition is wonderful but a little bit expensive too. Despite the financial help, Trent and Amber committed to doing all the expenses without any financial help, even refusing to take loans for the process. The couple doesn’t even accept government assistance despite the fact that their children are eligible for disability benefits.

Another major reason to choose adaptation is because Amber’s pregnancy was so difficult with their biological children. At the time of Elizabet’s birth, she was only 48 inches tall, which caused a great deal of pain.

After her birth, the couple knew that getting pregnant again would not be healthy for Amer’s body. Therefore, taking precautions is necessary, and the C-section made another pregnancy impossible. So, the couple decided to expand their family by adopting more dwarfism children.

The adoption process is challenging for the couple as they go through international regulations. When they heard about Alex from South Korea, they knew they would normally go through all the processes. But South Korea is different, which requires the entire adoption fee to be paid initially.

Well, Trent and Amber’s families successfully run TLC series 7, Little Johnstone. Alex has some health issues but is alive, so every member of the family will appear in the series. So all the rumors regarding his death are fake.

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