Bhushan Kumar/ T series’ Net Worth And Every Detail About his life

Do you know about Bhushan Kumar? Bhushan is a film producer and the son of the popular Gulshan Kumar. Gulshan is well known because of her T series channel, which is the most subscribed YouTube channel. Therefore, everyone asks about the t series’ net worth.

So let’s know all about the managing director of the T series. Yes! Bhushan is the managing director of the t series. Bhushan Kumar was born on 27th November 1977 in Delhi, India. His full name is Bhushan Kumar Dua.

Career of Bhushan

Bhushan Kumar became the chairman of the t series. It is one of the top music companies, and now the t series channel is the most subscribed YouTube channel. He grew his business, adapted to newer media, and made new soundtracks in digital forms, mobile, FM radio, and satellite radio.

After fifteen years, he decided to produce movies and music worldwide. Now he is doing business in more than 24 countries. The Indian government honored him in the electronics and Software export council because of his significant contribution to music.

Moreover, he began working on a biographical film in 2017 that was based on his father’s life. It was set to be worked in Lord Shiva temple in Maheshwar and called Mogul. Also, Kumar produced popular soundtracks for the movies like Jab We Met, Om Shanti Om, Yeh Jawani hai, Dabangg, and many more.

Bhushan Kumar/ T series Net Worth

As we know, Bhushan was born into a wealthy family, and his father owns the t series. He was only 19 when he took over the family business, and this year his father also died. Now he is the director, and now t series’ net worth is almost $50 million.

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