Bo Hopkins Net Worth: American Graffiti’s Actor’s Fortune Explored

Bo Hopkins is the American Graffiti who passed away at 80. The actor died because of a heart attack at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys. His wife, Sin Eleanor green, provided additional details about his death.

His death was reported on the website by the following message, “It is a great sadness that we announce that Bo has passed away. He loved hearing from fans worldwide, and he could not respond to every email over the last few years. Hopkins appreciated each and every one of you.”

William Hopkins was born in Greenville, South Carolina. He changed his name based on a character in the broadway play bus stop.

What Was William Hopkins Worth

According to some sources, the estimated net worth of Bo Hopkins is $3 million. Some sources claim that the net worth is $66 million.

He worked on many projects from 1966 to 2006. He returned to acting in 2013, and his most recent role was in 2020. The actor also got the Golden Boot in 1995. Bo is well-known for his role in The Wild Bunch, White Lightning and Midnight Express.

He started his professional acting career in 1966 and appeared in the television series The Phyllis Diller show.  In one episode, his character’s name was the club. After that, he starred in almost 131 films, and his most recent role was a Papaw in the upcoming Hillbilly Elegy. 

Apart from these, Hopkins was the contributor producer in the murder thriller Shade in 2003. It was a $10 million budget movie that grossed $458,000 at the box office.

In the 1996 film 101 Dalmatians, which starred Glenn Close and rushed to Instagram after learning of Hopkins to share her memories of working with him.

She shared a picture with the caption, ‘it was a great privilege to work with Bo in HillBilly Legacy. He was an actor at his core, and he was a very gentle man. During the early days, around the time of American Graffiti. But I acquainted and enjoyed the company of a man with a twinkle in his eye and the heart of a knight.”

He survived his wife and two children. Bo passed away in the presence of his wife, Sian.

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