Ed Skrein Game of Thrones: Five Things That You Must Know About Him

Ed Skrein is a rapper who is well known by his last name. His music is influenced by techno. He worked with a handful of British hip-hop acts. The music video for the song ‘ we run them’ I don’t hate it went viral, here you can watch it.


 He has been featured in Three movies. The popular Ed skrein has been featured in three movies. He switched from music to acting in 2012 and appeared in ‘ Piggy, III Manors, and The Sweeney. Here you can watch the clip of ‘III Manors.’ 


At 17, he was involved in a gang that led him to quit crime altogether. Ed Skrein is always compassionate, and three men were convicted of stabbing him. He wrote, ‘ No one can justify smirking in court when shown images of what happened. However, they need role models.

The popular rapper of the game of thrones, Ed Skrein, is also a swimming coach on the side. He does not talk about being a role model for kids. At 15, he started teaching swimming and continues to do so, despite not needing the money.

Furthermore, Ed said, I am very passionate about using sports in young people’s lives to build self-esteem. He also opened the swimming academy in Islington, North London. Well, turning kids is drastic, but about planting positive seeds.


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