Everything About American Journalist Johnny Harris’ Wife, Isabel Harris

Do you know American journalists and filmmakers? Johnny Harris, who lives in Washington, DC. He hosted the borders series for Vox, which is a popular American news website. Moreover, he launched the company Bright Trip to help people travel smarter with video-based travel courses in 2019.

Most people are familiar with him and also came to know about his wife named Iz harris. His wife’s full name is Isabel Harris. She founded the CMO of Bright Trip Inc. let’s talk about all the details.

Who is Iz Harris

Isabel Harris’ date of birth is 8th January 1990. She grew up in a Mormon family. Evalyn’s styles are her mother, who is a co-founder and creative director at Back Drop Stock. She has two sisters.

Isabel went to Central Kitsap High School for education, and she went to Brigham Young University for undergraduate studies. Her height of Isabel is five feet and seven inches, and she weighs 55 kg. Johnny’s height is six feet.

Social Media Appearance

Isabel Harris is active on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, where she has more than 62k followers. Isabel became the owner of a media production company named Simple Flare Production. She offered products from motion graphics for international issues to wedding films.


She is the content creator and Youtuber in which traveling videos, mental health, and interior designing are included. Moreover, she is a video producer and host for Eater. Isabel is the founder and CMO of Bright trip Inc. According to sources, her net worth is almost $1 million.

Relationship Status

Johnny and Isabel Harris wedded in a private ceremony in 2010. Now the couple is the parents of two kids named Oliver and Henry. Henry is autistic and hosts his last words. Being a mother that was devastating, and they embraced the unpredictability and chaos in life; they tuned their difficult journey into an adventure.

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