Everything You Need to Know About Liane Valenzuela

Liane Valenzuela is a popular model, singer, actor, and dancer from the United States. She made social media a sensation in a very short time. She owns a Youtube channel where she releases her songs and videos. Let’s talk about all the details of Liane V.

Early life of Liane Valenzuela

Liane Valenzuela was born on 22nd August 1986. Her birthplace is San Jose, California, United States. Her parents’ names are Wally and Prima Valenzuela. She started her career on a YouTube channel.

Liane was a brilliant gymnast, cheerleader, and basketball player during high school time. She was interested in music and signed by the production business Brand X after advertising herself online through social media.

The height of Liane is five feet and seven inches. She was passionate about music and fashion. At the same time, she is a fitness fanatic and a high school athlete.

Liane enjoys traveling to new cultures and cuisines. She has competed in many beauty pageants. She hosted several shows such as the Voice, American idol, and X-factor. Kingston is the name of Liana V’s Poddle dog.

Professional life

Liane spent her childhood in Modesto to continue her dream of modeling and acting; Liana shifted to Los Angeles. She started her career in person-to-person contact. Laine worked as an online form and disrupted porn videos on YouTube from the beginning of her career. She collaborated with the brand BrandX.

Liane linked up with a slew of Vine celebrities to become a vine content creator. Moreover, she recorded fashion and style and became famous on the internet. Moreover, she also released the wellness film exercise with Liane V in 2014, which showcased her enormous success.

Relationship Status

Liane is in a relationship with actor King Bach. They had dated Liane Valenzuela. She started dating Don Benjamin in 2015 and engaged in August. Her channel name is Forever Us Together. Don is most known for the inaugural season of Scared Famous and appeared on the 20th season of top American Model. The couple had a very great time.

Social media Appearance

Liane V is active on social media, such as on Instagram under the username @lianev, with more than a 4.6million. Her channel is also under the username @LianeV, with 438k subscribers. Besides, she is also active on Twitter under the user name @LianeV, with 15.1k followers. Liane is active on TikTok with 11.5 million followers.


Q: What are Liane Valenzuela's primary talents and passions, and how did she become famous on social media?

A: Valenzuela is a multi-talented individual with skills in modeling, singing, acting, and dancing. She gained fame on social media platforms, particularly YouTube, where she released her songs and videos, attracting a large following.

Q: Can you provide details about Valenzuela's early life, including her upbringing and athletic achievements during high school?

A: Valenzuela was born on 22nd August 1986 in San Jose, California. She excelled as a gymnast, cheerleader, and basketball player in high school. Her parents are Wally and Prima Valenzuela.

Q: How did Liane's career take off, and what notable collaborations and projects contributed to her success?

A: Liane began her career on a YouTube channel and caught the attention of the production business Brand X through social media. She collaborated with Vine celebrities and created fashion and style content, leading to her internet fame. She also released the successful fitness film "Exercise with Liane V" in 2014.

Q: What is Liane's relationship status, and can you provide more information about her past and present partners?

A: Liane is currently in a relationship with actor King Bach. Previously, she dated Don Benjamin and got engaged in August. Don Benjamin is known for appearing on "Scared Famous" and "America's Next Top Model."

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