Keeping hatred in your heart makes you weak, Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir has shared some photos on Instagram

Lahore (The Breaking Times – December 3, 2021 – Arshad Farooq Butt) Top Pakistani actress Hania Aamir, while bluntly answering her critics, has said that there is progress and maturity in moving forward and forgiving. Prioritize your mental health. Raise your voice for what makes you happy.

According to details, actress Hania Aamir has shared some photos on Instagram in which she can be seen in a happy mood.

While sharing the photos, the actress writes a caption that keeping hatred in the heart weakens you. Let it go and live happily. Life is too short to hold back the sad pieces of your past.

Haniya Aamir has also said that pick yourself up and move on. I pray that everyone who reads it will go ahead and find the life easy.

Hania Aamir instagram

Hinia Amir’s fans have started replying with interesting comments on her latest instagram posts. A fan Tahia says: “Yessss go gurllllllllll nothing can stop you ❤️ take love”. Another fan reacted as: “The best Ted talk ever ????”.

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