Jake Foulger was featured As A New Cast Member of Season 9 of Below Deck

Below Deck is a popular bravo reality tv series that aired first time on 1st July 2013. Rebecca Taylor Henning and Dough Henning created the show. It follows the lives of the crew stars who work and live abroad throughout the charter season.

Now, season nine has come back, and the teaser introduced some new characters. Fans will stun when they note that Captain Lee is absent and drama has started to wash up on the beach.

Just ready to meet chief stewardess heather chase stews Jessica, Jake Foulger, Ryan Lindsey, Jake Foulger, Wes O’Dell, and Fraser below deck; all our new members. There have been 122 episodes of the show.

Who IS Jake Foulger?

Jake of Below Deck was born on 15th October and included in the newcomers on the show. His full name is Jake Anthony Foulger, and he belongs to The United Kingdom.

His father held a lockdown wedding during Covid-19 in December 2020. His mother’s name is Lisa Foulger, who is also active on Instagram under the username @foulgerbarthrop, and jake reference his work as, “Thanks for putting up with all my s**t for years, I know deep down you enjoyed. I love you lots, can’t wait to see you.”

Social media Appearance of Jake

Jake is active on social media, such as Instagram, under the username Jake Foulger.

Relationship Status

Jake is single, as, on social media, he mentions his status. There is no rumor about his girlfriend, and he spends most of his time with his pet.

Everyone is excited for the below deck season 9. He also shared the teaser of the season that premieres in August 2021. With the trailer’s release, the other crew member and jake vowed that the season would be more choppy and there would be new relationships on the horizon.



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