Kara and Nate Net Worth: How Rich Are Travel Partners?

Many couples love to travel together with a lot of hard work. Among them are Kara and Nate, who are popular travel vloggers. The couple is married and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Interestingly, the fact is that they have traveled to almost 100 countries before Nate’s 30th birthday in 2019.

The couple launched the channel in 2015, where they have almost 3.7 million subscribers. No doubt, a big budget is required to travel worldwide; therefore, everyone is interested in knowing about Kara and Nate’s net worth and other details. Let’s delve into it.

How Did Kara and Nate’s Relationship Start?

First, let’s do some introduction. Kara and Nate met in high school and got married in 2013. They went on a honeymoon, and after returning from Belize, they took one year off to travel and started thinking about family. In 2015, they booked one-way tickets for Tokyo, Japan, with $300,000 in their pockets.

Kate and Nate fell in love with traveling, and after 6 months on the road, they started a YouTube channel and made it a source of earning.

They had dreamt about traveling to 100 countries at the end of 2019, which they completed successfully. Therefore, everyone asks about Kara and Nate’s Net worth and earnings. We don’t know the fixed digit, but according to multiple sources, Kara and Nate Net worth is around $2 million.

How Much Money Kara and Nate Earn From YouTube Channel?kara and nate

Kara and Nate have over 3.3 million subscribers and over 800 million likes. The estimated daily generated revenue is around $3200 from the ads that appear on the videos. They have two channels.

The second one is Daily Drop, which they use to market their business, and Fair Drop, where you can watch their travel hacks and learn things. YouTubers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia get paid almost $2-12 per 1000 monetized views.

However, several factors can influence it, like device, time of the year, travel location, ad inventory and number of ads, type of content, engagement, etc.

Many people will know about the Google Preferred program, where deep-pocketed companies target ads in the top 5% of most popular content, and their ad rates are higher than normal.

Furthermore, YouTubers also generate money from other methods like YouTube Premium, Superchats, Super Thanks, Channel Membership, and Shopping.

Premium subscribers of every change pay an extra fee to watch the content monthly without ads. In that case, creators get paid based on watch time on their videos.

Super sticker and super chat features connect the fans with creators during the live streaming, and comments are highlighted in the live chat. Last, YouTube shorts also generate revenue where creators get paid based on their share of total views.

Kara and Nate’s Blog Post

Kara and Nate also publish their content on their blog, covering all travel-related queries. It is informational for every travel lover, including travel hacks, business trips, monthly expenses, etc.

They explain different countries’ cultural experiences and describe the towns they see and the foods they try. They both share their point of view and suggest which countries everyone should visit and how to become a travel hacker. Kate and Nate also talk about how to edit the blog and sell courses on this topic.

kara and nate source of incomeOther Sources of Income

Kara and Nate’s primary source of earnings are YouTube channels, but they make extra income from sponsorships through brands. They work with brands like Motley Fool, Better Help, J Crew, Audible, AG1, etc.

On the other hand, they have an application named Fare Drop to help them get cheap flights worldwide. When users search their travel wishlist, this app shows them incredible deals. Lastly, the couple sells merchandise under the brand named Daily Drop.

Furthermore, the couple earns around $10,000 to $20,000 per month from affiliate marketing, promoting Amazon products. On the other hand, Kate and Nate sell two courses through their website, in which they talk about 30 Days to Become a Travel Hacker and How to Edit a Vlog.

They are selling this course for $180.81 and second for $119.31. They earn around $5000-$10,000 monthly from these courses.

Bottom Line

There are millions of people on YouTube who are creating travel content. But if you want to explore the world with your partner, Kara and Nate’s channel can be a better choice.

Here, you can watch their personal experience, suggestions, and everything you want to see related to travel. Another interesting thing is that they make short, colorful, and vibrant videos with lots of tips and tricks and never sugarcoat anything.

They undoubtedly face so many challenges that all are fun and sort out the problems. Really, this beautiful and energetic couple shows how beautiful the world is.

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