Luca Macht: Everything About Celebrity Child Life, Career, Net Worth

Luca Macht is a popular descendant who was born on 26th February 2014. He is the son of suits actor Gabriel Macht and the Real World. Luca is a well-known name in the entertainment industry just because of his parents, Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett.

Everyone knows his father and mother because of their fantastic work in the entertainment industry. Besides Suits tv series, other notable works of his father are the comedy film ‘Why Would I Lie,’ and on behalf of this, he was nominated for the Young Artist Award.

Similarly, his mother, Jacinda, is an Australian American actress who performed well in movies like The Edge of Reason, Ladder 49, Piseidon, The Namesake, and The Last Kiss. Moreover, Jacinda won the dolly covergirl contest and also did modeling at the age of 17.

The couple also performed together in many movies, so here we will share some information. Let’s discuss all the details of Luca Macht’s life, career, relationship status, and net worth.

Real Name Luca Macht
Father Name Gabriel Macht
Date of Birth 26th February 2014
Birthplace United States
Profession Descendant
Nationality American
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Jennifer Tilly Body Measurements N/A
Spouse N/A
Luca Macht Net Worth $5 million

Early Life

Luca Macht was born on 26th February 2014 in the United States. His name was featured in People Magazine in February 2014. His parents’ names are Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Swann Macht.

Luca also has a sister named Satine Anais Geraldine Macht. His parents married in 2004, and his elder sister was born in 2007. Luca is just ten years old and looks nice, but there is no body measurement information available of Luca Macht on the internet yet.

Relationship Status

Luca is younger and just ten-year-old and single yet. No, there is no controversy about his love life because he just focuses on his career; that’s what his parents want.

However, his parents did love marriage as Gabriel met with Jacinda Barrett during the fourth season of the tv series ”The Real World.” After that, they played the role together in the Suits, Bloodline, The Human Stain, The Last Kiss, and Ladder 49 series.

The couple married in 2004, and after three years, on 27th August 2007, a baby girl was born in their house. In 2014, a son was born named Luca Macht. They were both seen together at many events, such as attending Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in England.Luca Macht


Luca is famous because of his parents Gabriel and mother, Jacinda. Gabriel is active in acting and gained popularity when they appeared in the movie Why Would I Lie? Lucanominated for the Best young motion picture actor award. The Good Shepherd, A Love Melody for Bobby Long, and Because I Said So are included in the most popular film and television performances.

Macht spent a week shooting abroad the USS Carl Vinson’s fight deck, hanger bay #3, for the film Behind Enemy Lines 2001. Moreover, he appeared in The Spirit, an adaptation of Will Eisner’s comic masterpiece. Luca appeared in the drama Suits, initially titled A Legal Mind, which aired in July 2010.

His mother, Jacinda Barrett, is an Australian American British actress and model Jacinda Barrett. She was born on 2nd August 1972 in London, England. She performed excellently in movies like Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, The Human Stain, Ladder 49, Poseidon, The Namesake, and The Last Kiss.

Her mother won the annual Dolly Covergirl contest and started modeling in Europe at 17. Jacinda appeared in Real World: London in 1995. In September 1998, Maxim featured Barrett in the new fall tv series advertising. The couple performed together and participated in the film Middle Men 2009.

She had a recurring role as a love interest in the second season named Suits. Gabriel and Barrett had been engaged in 2004. They welcomed their first child in August 2007. The second child was born in 2014. She was sworn in at the Los Angeles Convention Center on 28th August 2009.

Social Media Appearance

Luca Macht has undoubtedly become a well-known member, but he is very young. Therefore, he has no social accounts; his pictures upload along with his family on his parents’ social media platforms.

Gabriel is active on Instagram and Twitter, where he posts pictures of family members on Instagram and has massive fan followers.

Net Worth

No net worth information is available on Luca Macht, and he owns his parents’ net worth. The estimated net worth of Luca is $5 million.

As we know, Luca is the son of popular American producer and actor Gabriel Macht. His son is only ten years old and owns the money of his father and mother, Jacinda Barrett.

The estimated Gabriel Macht net worth is $10 million. Therefore, Luca’s net worth is incomplete without his parent’s money.

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