Everything About Luppilo Rivera’s Daughter ‘Lupita Karisma’

Lupita Karisma is a popular Mexican makeup artist and social media influencer with a massive fan following. The young sensation, Lupita, is the daughter of Lupillo Rivera, who was a popular singer and songwriter. Lupillo is Mayeli Alonso’s former wife.

Besides the internet sensation, she is also an entrepreneur, makeup artist, and singer. Everyone knows she belongs to a renowned family in the entertainment industry. Ayana Rivera is the sister of Lupita Karisma.

Let’s talk about everything about Lupita Karisma, like her early and professional life, relationship status, etc.

Early Life

Lupita was born on August 4, 2004, in the United States. She grew up alongside her four siblings. She is proud of her heritage and has often spoken up about how Mexican Americans are treated in the United States.

In 2020, she also shared on her Instagram that she was not going to celebrate her day on August 4 because of the American treatment of Latinas. Her parents’ names are Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso. There is no data available regarding her schooling and higher education.

Professional Life

Lupita started her career as a social media influencer and makeup artist. Over time, she gained a fan following on Instagram, where she shares makeup product reviews and tutorials. There are almost more than 53.7 k followers.

Besides, she established her makeup line, Karizma BEauty, which she launched at the age of 16. No doubt, the talented lady has worked hard to build her brand and has had great success in the beauty industry.

Lupita became a recognizable face on social media with over 300k followers on social media. Everyone loves the content and charm that she shows on social media platforms. Her popularity continues to rise as she engages with her followers and shares a glimpse into her exciting life through multiple platforms.

Well, the celebrity kid has achieved so much for herself. She was so little when she started singing, and her parents supported her. Yes, Lupita grew up in a musical family. She also shared a video of her childhood in which she mentioned herself as a little child singing on stage and her father rushing to give her a hug.

Lupita Karisma Career

Furthermore, she pursued her career and released a song titled  Los Ninos Inocentes that dropped under  Sin Marca Records. The social media star accumulated thousands of followers on their personal Instagram page.

Relationship Status

Lupita keeps her personal life private, so she never shares about her love life. No one knows who her partner is, so she leaves us clueless about her past relationships and ex-lovers.

However, it seems that she is giving all her energy to her career. Besides, once, she shared a video with an individual known as Trd Jarib on TikTok and described him as her bestie.

Net Worth of Lupita Karisma

Lupita made her way to success at a very young age. She earned money through her career, especially from social media platforms. According to sources, Lupita Karisma’s estimated net worth is $5 million. Her beauty brand also contributed to her net worth.

Lupita Karisma’s Mother

Mayeli Alonso is the mother of Lupita. She claims that the fame came to her because of her mother’s marriage to Lupillo Rivera. Mayeli was only 19 years old when she met with Lupillo Rivera. At that time, he was 31 years old, a significant age difference.

Many rumors about Karisma’s mother, Mayeli, spread that she was not faithful to her husband even after marriage. However, after some time, she said on her social media that these claims had no truth.

Later on, Mayeli said in an interview that some infidelity issues led her to divorce from her husband that were linked to financial differences. Furthermore, she said she always had issues with money; therefore, she decided to walk away from this marriage.

So, her parents divorced, and then Lupita’s mother went on a date with a young Mexican singer named  Jesus Mendoza. They started dating in 2018, the same year Karisma’s mother got divorced from her first husband.

Lupita Karisma Age

Marriage of Lupita Karisma’s Parents

On the other hand, if we talk about her parents’ marriage, they married when Lupita was two years old. Yes, the couple got married in 2006. She had both her parents in her life from an early age to a teenager. Her parents’ marriage ended in 2019, but she built a great relationship with them.

As we already told you, Lupita belongs to a well-known family in the entertainment industry, including Jenni Rivera, Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera, and Gustavo Rivera. Despite belonging to a popular family, her parents shielded her from the limelight.

She had a happy childhood, but we have no details about her educational background. We know that the social media star completed her graduation in Los Angeles in 2023.

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