Plot, Release Date, and Cast of The Unbroken Voice Season 1

Everyone is familiar with the Colombian telenovela The Unbroken Voice Season 1. It broadcasted from 11th January 2022 to 13th April 2022. The show is inspired by the real-life experiences of a pop star named Arelys Henao. The musical drama focuses on Colombian music legend Arelys Henao. She is a modern young girl and very determined to follow her passion. Let’s know about Storyline, the release date, and the cast of unbroken voice season 1.

Platform to Watch The Season

The season is popular on Netflix, and it is available on Netflix from November 2022.

Cast of The Unbroken Voice Season 1

In the cast of the unbroken voice season 1, Mariana Gomez Henao, Jose Ramon, Alonso, Yuri Vargas, Victoria Ortiz, Ana Mara Perez, and Tano Henao.

Trailer of The Unbroken Voice Season 1

Here you can watch the trailer of the popular Netflix series The Unbroken Voice.

Storyline of The Unbroken Voice Season 1

It is the story of a lady who overcame adversity professionally and personally. It is the story of all women who face discrimination daily. The story focuses on music legend Arelys Henao. Despite sexism in the music industry, the young girl is passionate about following for singing.

The season contains 61 episodes that follows the story of young girls.  Each episode having a duration of  45-52 minutes. Every cast member of the story makes the series more interesting. All the episodes are negaging and so entertaining. Every girl will like the story of the dreamy girl who follow her singing career.

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