Can PML-N win Election 2022 in Pakistan?

PML(N) can get its previous position rather a better one

By: Dr. Adeeb Abdul Ghani Shakeel, Multan

Allah Almighty is the creator, owner of every thing. He grants authority and rule to any one whom He likes. The rule and government of people is temporary but His rule and government is for ever. There is a fall to every human rule. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif came into power thrice but could not complete his term all the three times. Last time PML (N) was defeated and Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf came into power .

There are many reasons behind the failure of PML(N).

Pakistan came into being on the base of Islam. Pakistanis love Islam from the core of their hearts. When they heard Nawaz Sharif said, “I am a Muslim but not a fundamentalist”

اسلام انہیں پسند تو ہے مگر بنیاد کے بغیر

جیسے جاپان، امریکہ، جرمنی ایجاد کے بغیر

People did not liked it. Many people were shocked when Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef announced Qadianis his brothers .

PTI carried out its social media campaign in a very attractive and effective manner as compared to PML(N). There was a great hulla gulla for the youngsters in PTI election compaign.

A political system, specially democracy can be successful only if all the institutions perform their duties well in an organized manner and all the institutions remain in their limits respecting each other.

PML(N) has a very bad history and tradition of fighting against the different departments and institutions of the country specially against judiciary and the Pak Army.

People also condemned PML (N) for its silent support for India and pro Indian policies. There were many rumours about working of Indians in Nawaz Shareef’s industries specially in Jaddah.

PML(N) became a family party of  Shareef family as this family tried to grasp all the top ranks and high grade offices. Shareef family supported and obliged its in laws on large scale and they tried to collect as much money as they could.

PML (N) was known as traders, businessmen and industrialist loving party but it soon lost its positive image. Many big names in politics specially in Sindh and  Balochistan did not find any proper place and respect in the party so they left the party. Saraiki province was also a burning issue but party could not handle it properly.


PML(N) can get its previous position rather a better one but it requires a lot of hard work, patience, honesty and devotion.

Party leadership should come back to Pakistan and show that they are from Pakistan, they love common man. They should organize the party in all provinces of the country and they should make policies in accordance with Islam and ideology of Pakistan .

All the leadership should not be converged in a single family. Good relationship between Government and establishment should be set up . All members and leaders should be given equal importance in the party .

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