PP 206 Khanewal, a Blow to the Ruling Party

In Khanewal, PML-N won the election by giving a ticket to Losing Candidate

Dilawar Hussain Chaudhry (Kashmir Writers Forum)

In Khanewal PP-206 by-election, PML-N has won the election by giving a ticket to Rana Muhammad Saleem, the losing candidate of PTI in 2018.

And even after giving a ticket to Noreen Nishat, widow of late Nishat Daha, the winning candidate of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, PTI has failed to win the sympathy of the people and suffered a humiliating defeat.

This is a big question mark for the PTI government and it can be termed as a dangerous signal for the 2023 elections. In the eyes of analysts and the common man, the main reasons are of this defeat are inflation, bad governance, rampant corruption, weak government writs, artificial relief to the people and false irrational claims and promises made in the 2018 elections by Imran Khan.

The government’s false promises continue in the form of dozens of announced programs which people don’t like.

Some of the assets of this country have been mortgaged by the previous government. However, the current government has made up the shortfall and handed over to the IMF what was left.

Considering the strict conditions accepted by the government under stress, it will not be wrong to say that the country is now bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy.

Pakistan is trying to survive on a loan borrowed from Saudi Arabia through interest and strict conditions, which it can repay at any time or in return can seize our remaining assets in other countries.

On the other hand, the rulers continue to indulge in luxuries with the money of the nation. Echoes are being heard of approving a budget to buy the most expensive new vehicles for ministers and advisers and punishing the people.

Inside, it seems that Imran Khan wants to leave the blanket, but the blanket is not leaving him. The country is currently suffering from various crises. The government’s operational writ has become so weak that a Lava could erupt at any moment. If the flow of this lava gets out of control, there is a danger that everything will be washed away.

There is still a need for serious consideration in order to rectify the situation while acknowledging the ground realities, instead of sounding the alarm and presenting baseless arguments.

It must be acknowledged that the substance of public tolerance is about to run out. The people have done what they could afford. Now the people want no more panic. Before the people are completely alarmed, the government will have to take practical and immediate steps to provide them relief.

Lolypop won’t work anymore. Otherwise, the fate of Pakistan Tehreen e Insaf in Punjab may be worse than that of Pakistan Peoples Party which is starting to be seen through by elections results. That is the truth to be accepted. May Allah be with us all.

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