PP-206 Khanewal : The political arena is ready

PTI and PML-N are making every effort to win in PP 206

Arshad Farooq Butt

Today is the polling day of PP-206 which will be held from 8 am to 5 pm and it will be decided which political party the people trust.

By the way, this election is for a provincial seat, but for this, pressure has been exerted by all political parties.

This victory will definitely be very important and this victory will set the public trend. Tehreek-e-Insaf and PML-N are making every effort to win while PPP and Tehreek-e-Labbaik are trying to get significant votes so that from this election advantage can be taken in the general elections.

PML-N candidate Rana Saleem, who had contested the same seat on the PTI ticket in the 2018 general elections, was defeated.

Similarly, PTI candidate Noreen Nishat Daha’s late husband Nishat Daha was a PML-N candidate and was successful.

Shortly after his victory, Nishat Daha split from the PML-N and joined Usman Bazdar’s camp by joining MPA Faisal Niazi, who had won the election on a PML-N ticket from another constituency in Khanewal.

Despite splitting from PML-N, Nishat Daha did not resign from his seat which was won on PML-N ticket.

He was asked to resign and run for re-election and then join any party. But Nishat Daha demanded election expenses before resigning.

In any case, Nishat Daha fully supported the PTI for two and a half years. When he fell ill, the Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar sent Nishat Daha out of the country for treatment on a special plane but life did not help him.

Now in his seat, his wife Norin Nishat Daha is contesting on a PTI ticket, for whose victory the Punjab government and especially Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar are very serious.

Orders have been issued to all the leaders of Multan division to play their role in Khanewal elections. A few days ago, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar had also paid a two-day visit to Multan for the same election.

Due to the Election Commission, Chief Minister could not go to Khanewal. However, important people of Khanewal were called to Multan by the administration and several people were also included in the PTI.

This victory in PP 206 is very important for Tehreek-e-Insaf and Usman Bazdar.

Experts say that the PTI kept itself aloof in the Lahore elections and did not face the wrath of the people due to inflation. But with the inflation in Khanewal elections, farmers are facing difficulties in getting fertilizer, which could lead to a strong public reaction.

Similarly, the victory of PML-N candidate Rana Saleem is very important for the political cleansing of provincial president Rana Sanaullah as the workers of Khanewal, including the central leadership, were strongly opposed to issuing tickets to Rana Saleem. The workers also sent a letter to Nawaz Sharif.

The letter said that Rana Saleem was a PTI candidate in the general elections and used harsh language against the central leadership of PML-N. Video clips of which were also sent but Rana Sanaullah was adamant that a ticket be issued to Rana Saleem in any case for which he persuaded the local leadership and workers.

Rana Saleem is a capitalist and businessman. This victory is very important for him because he has lost this seat many times.

He lost the 2018 general election on a PTI ticket. The PML-N provincial leadership has been camping in Khanewal for the past one month.

In which Rana Sanaullah, Owais Leghari, Ataullah Tarar, Rana Mashhud and Zeeshan Rafique and many other leaders have been working day and night to formulate strategies for the victory of PML-N candidate.

Similarly, PPP has got more than 30,000 votes in Lahore by-election. After which something is happening in PPP.

In the Khanewal by-election, the PPP is also trying its best to show better results than the last election so that the PPP will be in a competitive position in the coming elections in Punjab.

In this way, the by-election of Khanewal has become very important for all political parties. Tehreek-e-Labbaik candidates are also trying their best to get maximum votes.

The people did not go to the polls in the Lahore by-elections. But in Khanewal, all parties will work hard to get voters out. And today the public will decide which political party they trust.

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