Siesta Key Star Amanda Miller, Partner, and All Other Details

Amanda Miller appeared in Siesta key season three times and became a familiar face in a very short time. Siesta Key covers drama, love, heartbreak, and parties of the cast members. Miller gained a lot of attention after a physical fight with Chloe Trautman.

Now she has become a prominent cast member of the show. Moreover, her father’s name is Dr. Miller, who made an appearance in the first season in four episodes. Let’s talk about all the details for siesta key fans only

Amanda Miller’s Parents

Amanda was born on 11th June 1996. Her parents’ names are Dr. Miller and Angi Miller. Her mother looks younger than her father. The mother of Siesta went to Wayne High school and studied nursing at the State College of Florida.

She started work at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. Being a mother, she often meets up with the mother of other Siesta stars. Her father appeared in the fourth season of Siesta Key. He always supported his daughter’s career in this field.

He is older than other members of Siesta’s key parents. Her father is in her 80s and was a combat medic in Vietnam at a young age. He was part of Admiral Farragut Academy in the Best Drill Cadet in 1956. Moreover, he also owns a business named Sierra Sierra balloon world.

Amanda spent the quarantine period with her family and learned so much from her father, “despite the age gap, I just imagined that having a dad who was younger.”

Siblings Of Amanda

Amanda has five siblings in which her brother Spencer is also included. Spencer is her biological brother, and the remaining are step-siblings. They both have a close bond and spend time out on Siesta Key.

Amanda’s Dating life

We don’t have any confirmed news about Amanda’s boyfriend. In an Interview, MEAWW Chloe revealed that she was seen with someone. However, it was not the same in the past second and third seasons of Siesta Key. She was linked with JJ Mizell and Brandon Gomes. Brandon has shifted and is now with her father. Her fans are aware of her failed relationship.

She opened up about her relationships during an interview with MEAWW and said, my relationship with JJ was so toxic. He is the person that I believe that when you fall in love with somebody, never stop loving them. You just love them differently and, for some reason, will have that connection.”

After that, She introduced her new man on 30th January 2019. His name is Joe Iorio, and he is a professional basketball player. She dated for a year and then separated their ways. Now Joe also shared a picture with his new girlfriend named Taylor Wiley, on 27th April 2021.

Amanda’s Net Worth

The 24 years old Amanda is five feet and six inches tall. The estimated net worth of Amanda is $350k. Miller worked as a calendar girl and competed at the restaurant’s Miss Hooters Bikini Pageant. She is also made social media influencer and made enough money through a partnership with many brands like Fashion Nova, Malana CBS, and many more.

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