Spencer Shemwell and Erica Shemwell In the Blended Bunch

The Blended Bunch is a brand new show and could be the favorite series. It follows Spencer Shemwell and Erica Shemwell after suffering tragic losses. They tried to blend two families into one unit.

It covers struggles over adoption, hardships, and quarrels among the step-siblings. Their life has been depicted over the show so let’s unveil all the things about Spencer Shemwell and Erica Shemwell.

Early Life of Spencer Shemwell

Spencer Shemwell was born in 1988 or 1999; the years are not confirmed. He lives in Utah along with his family. There are no other details regarding the family. He went to Northern Virginia Community College and graduated in 2015 with an Architecture degree.

Spencer’s height is five feet and ten inches. He is a carpenter and business owner. He is working at a residential remodeling company in Lehi, UT, called HIVE remodeling.

Furthermore, Spencer is the owner and operator of Shemwell Home Services, which provides services from small handyman repairs to full-scale remodels or renovations. Before that, he started his own business and worked at QAI Laboratories Camden Property Trust and G & M contacting.

Relationship Status

Spencer tied in knots to Aimee on 22nd December 2007. With this wife, he has four kids named Brayden, Avery, Bexley, and Harper. She was pregnant with her 5th child, but a bad tragedy happened to her, and she lost the child in an accident in Front Royal, Virginia.

Early life of Erica Shemwell

She is 33 years old, and Erica belongs to St Louis, Missouri. Erica Shemwell has three siblings named Quinn Kendall, Alexis Isaax, and Spencer Kendall. The height of Erica is five feet and six inches, and she is a beautiful lady.

Before Spencer, she was involved with Daryl Anthony. They married on 8th June 2007. Her husband passed away in December 2016 because of cancer. She has seven kids with him Emma, Landon, Lily, Tanner, Sophie, Caleb, and Amelia.

Spencer and Erica in The Blended Bunch

Spencer and Erica met through social media. They went for the first time on 24th November 2018, and within 13 months of dating, they got hitched. They rekindled their vows in Provo, Utah.

They have 11 kids and working hard because they are facing the challenges of parenting. This is all about spencer and Erica. For further details, stay tuned to show Love & Hip Hop.

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