Tips to Improve Heart health

Our lifestyle performs an important role to keep our hearts healthy

By : Mehwish

The heart is an important part of our body. It supplies blood to other parts of the body. The size of the heart is approximately equal to a clenched fist. Oxygenated blood and nutrition reach the parts of the body from the heart.

With the help of this nutrition and oxygenated blood body parts remain healthy and keep their work properly. There are many heart diseases like heart failure, heart attack, small arteries, and holes in the heart. Our lifestyle performs an important role to keep our hearts healthy and strong.

Things you should avoid to improve heart health

  1. To avoid heart diseases you must avoid sugar substances, alcohol, and soft drinks. These are not good for heart health.
  2. Smoking is a bad habit and causes many disease. So for a healthy lifestyle and healthy heart avoid smoking.
  3. Mostly crop oils and all types of fast food are not good for heart health. It increases the cholesterol level.
  4. Stress is also the reason for heart diseases so try to avoid stress and always think positive.

Natural Ways to improve Heart Health

  1. Olive oil is good for heart patients so use olive oil for cooking.
  2. Omega 3 fatty acids food is good for heart health.
  3. Cayenne tea increases blood circulation and helps to control cholesterol and blood pressure level. So, a heart patient must use Cheyenne tea.
  4. Vitamin E and C have antioxidant properties and are good for heart health.
  5. Vitamin E reduces the danger of heart attack and helps your arteries to work better.
  6. Overeating is not good for heart health.

Here are some exercises that keep your heart healthy and fit.


Swimming improves blood circulation in your body and is good for a healthy heart.

Walking, Running and Yoga

Daily walik for 30 minutes is good for heart health and it overcomes the danger of heart diseases. Running and squats are great activities for the heart. It helps to increase your body flexibility and improve blood circulation rate. Yoga is also good for heart health.

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