TU Analysts about the VideForex Affiliate Program

Even skilled Forex traders may spend 40 or more hours per week making deals and end up with no revenue. That’s why numerous experienced investors strive to get passive income. Traders Union experts recommend participating in VideForex partnership program to gain such extra profit.

Recent stats claim that affiliates can earn up to $50,000 and even more per year. At the same time, for instance, Canadian day FX investors gain as much as $74,000 annually by making deals. Consequently, participating in referral promotions may double your income. Traders Union analysts highlight the VideForex Affiliate Program among the most favorable partnership campaigns for investors. Below, you will find details about this promotion.

VideForex Affiliate Program: Key Features

VideForex.Com was launched in 2017. According to TU experts, this platform strived to bring together skilled investors as well as newbie traders through its referral promotion from the very beginning. Thus, the VideForex affiliate program underwent testing time. And as the described promotion is still popular among Forex traders, it’s absolutely worth trusting. It is also worth mentioning that VideForex is included in the list of best binary options brokers, this is another reason why you should trust this broker.

How to Start Getting Profit With the VideForex Affiliate Program

How to Start Getting Profit With the VideForex Affiliate Program

Experts of the Traders Union research department state that the procedure of becoming an affiliate is incredibly simple compared to similar competitors’ promotions. All you need is to perform the following things:

  1. Authorize or sign up at VideForex.Com. To create a profile, you should fill out the registration form. Here, newcomers have to specify their personal details and contacts as well as come up with a reliable passcode.

  2. Make a security deposit of $1,000. You may top up your account using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Altcoins. No fees are in this case. You can also deposit using Visa or MasterCard debit/credit cards. But this way, up to 5% commission may be charged. That’s a third-party fee. Videforex doesn’t charge transfer commissions.

  3. Get a referral link and share it through public networks. Trader Union experts recommend inserting the link in a short encouraging invitation to attract more people.

After that, you will start receiving rewards. VideForex affiliate program participants obtain a commission from each deposit made by a referred trader.

How Much Can You Earn?

As a part of the VideForex affiliate program, participants get 20% of referred traders’ replenishments. Thus, if a newcomer deposits $2,000, you’ll receive $400. Affiliates should consider the charges when participating in the referring promotion, though.

How Much Does It Take to Withdraw Gained Funds?

The rewards are usually immediately transferred to your account. And withdrawal duration depends on the way you make cash out. Typically, it lasts up to one hour after confirmation. That’s fair for any chosen payment method.

How to Find a Referral

As VideForex.Com is a user-friendly trading platform offering its clients quite low fees and numerous favorable promotions, you can recommend it to your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

Furthermore, Traders Union experts advise posting referral links in popular trading social media communities. You may also ask your friends to place the link in their accounts. Moreover, affiliates are recommended to publish catchy texts on trading and insert referral links into them.

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