Why Mattresses are Expensive these days?

Technology has been to places, and it has impacted every industry rapidly. In the present day if you look around in the market you will find other things influenced by it including the mattress you sleep on. In the past few years, mattress industries have shown significant hype in their product prices, which wasn’t the case before. But now mattresses come with advanced technology and custom features which makes them expensive to buy. Likewise, there are many factors that have contributed to extraordinary mattress prices. So, if you also wonder, that why mattresses are highly-expensive these days, then keep reading to know the answer.

Fiberglass Free Mattress is also expensive because it is made without fiberglass materials. Fiberglass is a common component used in some mattresses as a fire retardant, but it can pose a health risk if the fiberglass fibers become airborne and are inhaled. To ensure a fiberglass-free mattress, looking for materials used to replace fiberglass is important. Some options include natural materials like wool, cotton, and latex foam. Additionally, many mattresses now use fire retardants that are non-toxic and safer for consumers.

1. Memory foam mattresses are expensive

 The most popular type of mattress among all is the memory foam mattress. There is a reason, why it tops the list of the most popular mattress, it is certainly because it has been used by many big organizations such as NASA. Yes, NASA used memory foam in their rockets due to its various underlying benefits. Firstly, many people don’t know this but memory foam mattresses are exiting for a longer time, despite they serve many benefits of the modern world. Memory foam is a super adjustable material that adjusts itself according to your body weight, it fills the gap right between your body parts and provides you with the comfort you crave for. Besides, another reason memory foam mattress are so expensive is due to its material which is called polyurethane. Mattresses made out of this material are usually of high quality and therefore they are expensive. Thus, you can say that, due to the existence of memory foam mattresses in the mattress industry, the prices of mattresses shift towards being more expensive.

2. Mattresses with heating and cooling technology

Mattresses with heating and cooling technology

Days have gone by when mattresses are just manufactured with cushiony elements. These days if you go to buy mattresses anywhere, be it online or a store-front, you will first come across mattresses that have in-built heating and cooling technology. There is a small machine attached to the mattress which adjusts the temperature of the mattress according to the outside weather. So, if it is hot weather out there, the machine will automatically adjust your mattress temperature and make it cool. And on the flip side, if it’s freezing cold outside, then it will adjust the temperature to make your mattress warm. This technology is found in many newly manufactured mattresses and it is doing amazing in the market. People who are planning to buy a new mattress at this point, are considering buying such mattress with the advanced technology of heating and cooling, and so this is another reason which makes mattresses so expensive these days.

3. Customized mattresses

You see custom products everywhere these days, as consumers want what the heart and mind ask for. So, along with clothes, footwear, jewelry, and other fancy items, mattresses are also customized these days for sale. You will find standard sizes and designs of mattresses everywhere and these products have somewhat fixed prices. But the market for a customized mattress is growing rapidly, and it actually costs huge if you decide to get one for yourself. This is because a lot of work has to be done to make your mattress the way you want. Also, it takes extra material as well, which definitely costs the manufacturer. Thus, in a market where there is demand for everything custom, the prices will be high, so the same goes with the mattress industry as well. Furthermore, if you are looking for a customized mattress design then check for Helix mattresses, with the right reviews on the authorized website choosing between Helix mattresses and other close custom products is easy.

4. Mattress with contour sensors

Mattress with contour sensors

Another technology-linked reason for expensive mattresses is contour sensors in mattresses. Mattresses have become smart these days, designed in such a manner that they can identify and adjust themselves rightly to provide comfort to the users. Nowadays, you will find a mattress that has contour sensors, and these sensors help to adjust the mattress as per your sleeping position. It curves itself to fill the gap and empty spaces between your hips and ribs to provide you with utmost comfort, so the next day when you wake you are fully relaxed and well-rested. Besides, it provides full support to your body to make you sleep well. You can either adjust it automatically or manually as well, all you need to do is click a button and the mattress will do the rest.

5. Mattresses are highly-durable

Another potential reason which is observed for expensive mattresses is their higher durability. You must have observed in your home, that mattress is one of those goods which isn’t replaced for a period of at least 5 or 6 years, except for the worst-case scenario. The mattress is usually replaced in the duration of 8 or 9 years and sometimes more. This reflects that mattresses are made to be highly resilient and tough to remain in action for years. For this reason, many mattresses are expensive because they promise longevity. So, basically, the more you spend on material and quality, the higher durability it will promise. Thus, it doesn’t matter what day you decide to buy a mattress, if you look forward to buying the best and long-lasting material, then it will cost you high, as quality comes with a price


Mattresses are expensive because they are meant for providing longevity and are made of expensive materials that can last for years. However, along with this, there are many other potential reasons as well, for the rise in the price of mattresses. The mattress market you will find today didn’t exist a few years back; the difference is in technology. Like every other sector, technology has influenced the mattress market as well. Nowadays manufacturers are focusing on producing a mattress that can serve many more purposes than just sleeping. For this reason, mattresses are being sold at expensive prices. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no place left for cheap mattresses, there are still stores that only deal in medium range mattresses, as this section covers major customer count.

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